Paintball in the Rain

Paintball play in the rain is so awesome! The key to safe paintball play any time is layering up in loose fitting, comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting dirty. Keep in mind, the paintballs are water based, nontoxic and they won't stain your clothes, it's the dirt from the arenas that will get your clean outfit all dirty.

Paintball Soft

For the past two months we have had customers calling to ask if we offer “Paintball Soft” at Paintball USA. To my knowledge, there is no such sport called Paintball Soft, so I explained that to the customer. She may be referring to the lighter weight, smaller, .50 caliber air gun that shoots the smaller, .50 caliber soft gel paintballs.  No. She was adamant there was a sport offered at a Southern California paintball park called Paintball Soft.