Xtreme Rage Cage Experience

guy smashing a guitarXtreme Rage Cage Experience is the “Go-To Place” where you can release your anger and pent up frustration by using one of many bashing tools such as; baseball bats, golf clubs, tire irons, crowbars and sledgehammers on metal barrels, lockers, storm drains, and tractor tires. If you aren’t angry or frustrated and want to try a new activity, then Rage Cage is the sport for you!


Xtreme Rage Cage Level 1 Experience includes 15 minutes using a provided basher to take out your aggressions on heavy metal objects and tractor tires. A rental outfit, safety goggles, helmet and gloves are included. $56 per participant

Xtreme Rage Cage Level 2 Experience same inclusions as Level 1 plus 5 breakable items. $66 per participant