Paintball Soft & Splatmaster

Paintball Soft is a low-impact version of paintball, making it an excellent choice for different demographics that want to try paintball- including kids! Players use a lighter weight Semi-Automatic Air Gun that shoots .50 caliber soft gel paintballs. These smaller paintballs are suitable for older children(age 9+ recommended) and new players as they have less impact than the standard .68 caliber Tippmann Semi Automatic marker. While the sting of paintball is a thrill for some, paintball soft is a little gentler and introduces players who may not feel prepared for the standard paintballs. So who can play? Paintball Soft is not just an excellent choice for a day outdoors with the kids. We suggest trying it as a team-building activity for co-ed corporate groups!  Everyone could use a little more time outdoors these days.

Splatmaster Games for ages 6 - 8 years using a pump action Air Rifle, shoots the same .50 caliber small, soft gel paintballs at a safer impact for kids.  The Splatmaster Rifle doesn't have an air tank, so the paintballs are projected with less velocity which lessens the impact when hit.