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Paintball USA in the Antelope Valley

Open Year Round - Rain or Shine Sat & Sun 10am-4pm!

Paintball USA is the only safety certified paintball park in Southern California. Our friendly and professional staff provide fun filled adventurous paintball games. We offer top of the line rentals. There are four outdoor playing fields, 2 jungle natural terrain, hyperball and the town.

Our paintball facility is located at 540 W. Carson Mesa Rd. in Acton, CA 93550. Suggested driving directions from South of the AV. Take 14N, exit #27 Soledad Cyn. Rd., turn left onto Sierra Hwy. turn right onto Angeles Forest Hwy. turn right onto Vincent View Rd. at the dead end, turn right onto W. Carson Mesa Rd. across from the Acton Metrolink Station.

We have shaded picnic facilities with water misters for those that would like to relax and watch the excitement. Everyone on Paintball USA premises, regardless of age, playing or not must fill out a waiver and submit it to the cashier.



Be sure and call us any day of the week to get additional information on the activities that we have to offer. Reservations are always advisable. You may use our website contact form or shoot us an email [email protected].

Paintball USA offers a monthly membership for self equipped players. The cost is $50 per month per player, which starts on the first of the month until the end of the same month. Prorated pricing does not apply. Includes all day field admission and compressed air tank fills. Member discount on paintballs, $45 per case of 2,000. Limit 2 cases per player per visit. To receive the discount price on paintballs, you must be an active member with a non expired membership.Purchasing paint for non members is not allowed. Any member doing so will have their membership revoked without a refund.

Days of Operation

Open Year Round - Rain or Shine

Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

No walk in players after 2:00 p.m.



(661) 255-5332

#paintball_usa Email [email protected] or use our contact form on this site.





Private Groups

Private Game Weekend Special for groups of 15 or more by reservation.



  • Waivers required for all players and spectators. Please click to get a waiver. Parent's signature required for players 6-17.
  • A valid California driver’s license is required for all rental equipment.
  • All paintballs must be purchased at Paintball USA. No outside paintballs allowed.

Helpful Hints For Having The Most Fun Playing PAINTBALL!

What Should I Wear?
Wear good shoes. Hiking boots are ideal. High top shoes or boots that provide ankle protection are also good. Layering is the key to protection and comfort. Several light layers are preferable to one or two heavy layers. Layering provides better absorption of the impact of the paintballs and allows for adjusting your comfort level to the temperature and activity. Playing defense will not be as hot as playing "point" man or front flank (although it can be equally challenging and exciting). Playing paintball can be strenuous, and getting too hot can become a problem. Wear loose layers of fabric that "breathes". Avoid heavy, waterproof or tight clothes.

Every part of your body should be covered.
You can count on being hit in the only uncovered square inch you expose. Being hit on bare skin hurts, although it does not do permanent damage (a bruise or a welt, depending on the range and your skin type). Bring a scarf or muffler for your neck. Turtlenecks are also good. Bring a hat that covers your ears. Knit ski caps work well. 100% cotton or wool.

Camouflage is important!
Clothing should be earth tone, green or dark blue. For maximum comfort and invisibility the camouflage outfits that can be rented at Paintball USA provide the most effective outer layer. You will be running up and down hills, diving into brush, crawling on your belly like a lizard, jumping into gullies, rolling down hills and falling to your knees and stomach many times during the day. Any additional clothing protection will help. Elbow pads and knee pads are excellent.

Specially designed battle masks for paintball will be provided to rent. Most glasses can be worn under these masks. Gloves are recommended. Gardening gloves work well, but most any gloves are fine. Cutting off the fingertips of the gloves enables you to access the trigger of the marker better. Bulky ski gloves do not work well. Gloves can also be rented at the field. Bring more than you think you will need. Extra equipment can be shared with the other players in your group.

Do I have to be in good shape to play?
There are positions in a paintball game for people at all levels of conditioning. All positions are equally important, challenging, dangerous and fun. Those in the best physical condition, or with the most experience will generally play in the front flank, scout or point position. These people have to head out fast at the beginning of the game and frequently are required to run, climb, jump, dive, roll and wallow for much of the game. They are generally the first to get hit and eliminated. There are defense positions that are better suited for players more interested in strategy and weaponry than Rambo tactics. These positions are more of the "wait for the opponents" than "go get the opponents." Don't worry, the opposition will come to you! These positions see most of their action toward the end of the game as the opposition approaches your flag. The early part of the game within the first 5-10 minutes is spent planning your location and in a state of terminal anxiety over when, from where, and how many of the opposing team players will suddenly appear. How well you flank and point will help your team do their job and will determine how much of an opposing force you will ultimately need to confront. The excitement about defending is that you are the last line of defense. If they get past you, your team loses the game.

Besides being less strenuous, defenders tend to survive longer in a game, although, when they are tagged, it is usually in a mass assault that can be pretty ugly and exciting. Flank and point men are generally picked off by a single roving opposition team member.

What if it rains?
Avid paintball players love to play rain or shine. The weather is cooler to play in and definitely more wild and challenging. Shoes with good traction are critical when the fields are wet. Waterproof protective rain gear ponchos are available for purchase.

What will it cost?
Cost varies depending on if you use our rental equipment or have your own, the number of players in your group and how many paintballs each person uses.  Prices, gift certificates, and other information are found on our website www.paintballusa.org.  Field Paint Only.  Do not purchase paintballs from anywhere else when coming to play at Paintball USA fields, especially when using discount passes and/or our rental equipment.  You will need to purchase compressed air and paintballs at our field in order to validate ticket usage.

We are open every weekend including many holidays that fall during the weekdays. Check our website for weekday openings. Night games are by reservation only. Paintball USA locations are Safety Certified Playing Fields. We are looking forward to making your day.