Paintball Soft and Splatmaster

Lower Impact, Same Fun with Paintball Soft

Paintball Soft is a low-impact version of paintball, making it an excellent choice for new players that want to try paintball—including kids! Players will use a Semi-Automatic Air Gun that shoots .50 caliber soft gel paintballs. These smaller paintballs are suitable for older children (ages 9+ recommended) and new players as they have less impact than the standard .68 caliber Tippmann Semi-Automatic paintball rifle. While the sting of paintball is a thrill for some, Paintball Soft is gentler and ideal for kids or first-time players who may not feel prepared for standard paintballs.  Many describe the impact of these soft gel paintballs as a light flick of a rubber band.  Soft gel .50 caliber paintball air guns are also smaller and more lightweight than standard paintball rifles, making them easier to carry for kids or casual players.  

Benefits of Paintball Soft for Kids

These versions of paintball games, often featuring the SplatMaster Z200, are ideal for kids ranging from 6-8 years of age and use a pump-action paintball rifle. In a Splatmaster game, players will experience:

  • 27% smaller .50 caliber paintballs
  • Reduced speed rifles 
  • Zero pain or bruising for players

Playing a game of paintball with kids or new players? Try Splatmaster Games at Paintball USA

Splatmaster rifles shoot the same small, soft gel .50 caliber paintballs, but at a safer impact for younger ages. Differing from Paintball Soft Rifles, the Splatmaster features a pump-action, spring-loaded firing system rather than an air tank, so the paintballs are projected with less velocity and produce a softer impact when a player is hit. The Splatmaster Rifle is also specially designed for ease of use, so younger kids can load, cock, and fire paintballs with confidence. Parents can be assured that Splatmaster paintball games will provide a great experience that is intuitive (and most importantly, safe) for their younger children.   

Paintball Soft and Splatmaster games provide the same amount of fun, adrenaline, and exercise as standard paintball games, with lower impact (and in Splatmaster’s case, easier-to-use) equipment.    These choices are not only excellent for a day outdoors with the kids. We also suggest these options for parties, group outings, or even team-building activities for co-ed corporate groups! Everyone could use a little more time outdoors these days.