Paintball as a County Parks & Rec Approved Sport

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Paintball as a County Parks & Recreation Allowed Sport

As we all know, L.A. County Parks & Recreation allows sports such as soccer, softball, basketball and more. These sports are played on baseball diamonds, grass fields and basketball courts that are available at any county park.

Paintball can easily be set up on a grass field with a few inflatable bunkers to resemble one of the famous video games such as Call of Duty. Offering paintball in this type of setting would be appealing to current day youth and would encourage outdoor physical movement as opposed to playing electronic video games sitting on the living room couch.

Paintball is a team sport the same as softball, soccer, etc. It teaches hand-eye coordination while on the move trying to capture the opposing team’s flag.

Markers or paintball air guns for beginners are inexpensive. A fancy, custom paintball gun is not necessary when playing this sport socially. One can easily dress safely for paintball by covering all exposed skin with clothes you have at home.

Things like long pants, jeans or sweats, long sleeved shirts, light jackets, especially hoodies, neck scarves or bandannas, hats, simple cloth or wool gloves with the fingers cut out will keep you safe and pain free should a paintball hit you.

Parks & Recreation Facilities hire umpires, soccer, and basketball coaches. Offering paintball as a sport would require hiring referees. Plenty of experienced paintball players would find a job as referee to be exciting.

All outdoor paintball parks have high netting surrounding their arenas to protect bystanders and surrounding businesses. County parks are not usually surrounded by businesses or neighbors, so high netting would not be needed.

When using inflatable bunkers, the paintball games are played quickly, usually five to ten minutes per game, otherwise known as speedball. Therefore, paintballs that are being shot are at a shorter distance.

Beginner players do not use custom, high powered paintball markers like the advanced and tournament paintball players have, so naturally, paintballs will travel at a lesser distance.

Markers, paintball air guns all need to be chronographed before usage. The chronographing process measures the velocity at which the paintball travels when being shot. All markers have a velocity adjuster device. The referee will adjust the air guns to a low velocity to keep beginner players safe while having a good first-time experience with the sport.

Cleaning up paintballs on the grass is an easy and quick task, especially on an air ball field.  A park maintenance crew can easily rake up the paintballs and spray the remaining residue off the grass. Paintballs are water soluble and non-toxic. They do not harm the environment.

Inflatable bunkers act as barriers. They are brightly colored, large, and easy to see. Most beginner players will end up shooting the bunkers. The paintballs will splat upon breakage, leaving a small wetness. Air bunkers can be sprayed off with water and deflated after usage. The bunkers are easy to store in sports lockers.

Teaching our youth about safe usage of a paintball air gun gives them confidence and takes away the mystery of a potential weapon that could cause harm to others.

It is important to give a minor the opportunity to be introduced and explore many kinds of sports so they can decide on their own what their favorite one is.

Paintball birthday parties are a great way to introduce your child to the sport. Do an online search for paintball parks near me that offer private paintball birthday parties so your child will play only with their friends, as opposed to the public.

Suggestions on Where to Play Paintball

  • A safety certified paintball park
  • Google search paintball parks near me
  • Outdoor paintball parks have larger maps
  • Indoor paintball parks are more contained, speedball inflatable bunkers
  • Outdoor approved areas in rural areas that are not private property
  • Your backyard assuming you live on multiple acreage, no neighbors close by
  • Hills and mountains in rural areas that are not on private property

Finally, and in closing, Paintball USA offers large outdoor maps and has an outstanding reputation as a Safety Certified Paintball Field. Paintball USA has been in business for over thirty years and prides itself on excellent customer service.