Paintball Gun Care & Maintenance

paintball gun maintenance

Paintball Gun Care & Maintenance

At Paintball USA, we clean and maintain our rental equipment. When it comes to gun maintenance, it is important to have our rentals in good working order so when a player is out on the field in the middle of a game, the gun will work perfectly, and the player will have an enjoyable paintball experience.

These tips on gun maintenance applies for self-equipped gun owners as well. If you own your own paintball gun, be sure and read the owner’s manual before using your marker. The set-up instructions that pertain to your specific brand of gun will make the difference in how your gun operates out on the field.

Paintball guns need to be cleaned by swabbing out the barrel with a squeegee, preferably with a soft brush on the end. The purpose for cleaning the barrel is to get rid of any paint residue and dirt.

Keeping the marker’s barrel clean will increase your shooting accuracy. Make sure there are no broken paintballs in the gun hopper that feeds them into the barrel. If there are any broken balls, they will clog up in the barrel causing your gun to jam when you pull the trigger.

You can use a soft cloth to clean the inside of your hopper. Never pick up paintballs from the ground or any other surface that may contain dirt and grit. The dirt can certainly jam the paintballs in the hopper and/or the barrel.

Paintballs contain a liquid that resembles a gel. If you use paintballs that have fallen on the playing field after being fired, if the ground is wet, it will cause the paintball to swell, so if you put them in your gun for reuse, they will not feed through your hopper and most likely will jam up your gun.

At Paintball USA, we use warm water and dish detergent to wash our rental guns. Simply, dip the entire gun in this solution, loosen field paint and grime with a small brush. Toothbrushes are great for removing caked on paintballs from gun components.

Dry your marker completely.  Lube the front and rear bolt o-ring with a good brand of paintball gun oil. This oil can be found at any paintball store. Your marker instruction manual will also advise you on the brand that would be best for your gun.

In lubing your gun, use the oil sparingly. To much oil can hinder the gun’s performance. Washing and lubing your gun should be done after a day of paintball gaming.

For electronic guns, be sure to remove the batteries before washing. For all guns, remove the HPA or CO2 tank before washing.

It’s always advisable to store the gun in a safe, cool, and dry place without the HPA or CO2 tank attached. Air tanks can pose a danger if stored on the gun. Remember, the air tank is what propels the paintball out of the gun and if there is a stray ball in the gun with the tank attached, it could easily misfire and hurt someone.

Always keep a barrel plug on your gun when not on the playing field. Keep the safety button on. Read your instruction manual regarding placement of tank o-rings. When the o-ring is cracked or needs to be replaced, your gun will leak air within the fitting of your tank.

Dirty Paintball Guns Equal Poor Performance

Keep your gun clean. After each game make sure that it is free from any paint or mud:

  • A broken paintball in the barrel will result in poor accuracy and/or prevent your gun firing.
  • Your gun hopper must be clean and dry inside.
  • After each game, visually check your hopper for dirt and/or broken paintballs.
  • Picking up paintballs off the ground will jam your gun.

We hope that you will find these tips and information helpful in maintaining your paintball marker.  Many parents celebrate their kid’s paintball birthday parties at Paintball USA. We provide a safe paintball experience for beginner players.

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