Paintball Soft

Paintball Soft a.k.a. .50 caliber air markers

For the past two months we have had customers calling to ask if we offer “Paintball Soft” at Paintball USA. To my knowledge, there is no such sport called Paintball Soft, so I explained that to the customer. She may be referring to the lighter weight, smaller, .50 caliber air gun that shoots the smaller, .50 caliber soft gel paintballs.  No. She was adamant there was a sport offered at a Southern California paintball park called Paintball Soft.

I investigated this paintball soft sport by doing a Google search. Low and behold, at least two of our So. Cal competitors were offering “Paintball Soft” with a full description on how the smaller paint gels do not hurt the player. Their ads never mentioned that the air gun being used for paintball soft was none other than the smaller .50 caliber semi-automatic air gun. What a clever marketing tool!

When companies can’t depend on their customer service phone answering staff to take time and explain what kind of air gun is used in paintball soft, a business owner needs to come up with a little smoke for their mirrors to attract players.

It is true that a smaller paintball will hurt less than a standard sized .68 caliber ball and the air gun projecting the paintball is smaller, lighter weight with a .50 caliber sized barrel, logic tells you, it will hurt the player less.

Paintball USA has been offering both the paintball soft a.k.a. .50 caliber rental air gun and the standard .68 caliber rental air guns for many years.  The manufacturer of the first .50 caliber air guns was Kingman International. They went out of business about five years ago. GiSportz took over Tippmann Sports, the manufacturer of .50 caliber air guns that took over for Kingman International.  Bottom line, we still purchase .50 and .68 caliber Tippmann air guns, from GISportz.

In short, Paintball USA is a safety certified field that offers safe play for our customers whether they choose to rent our .50 or .68 caliber air guns. End of story about Paintball Soft.