Paintballs are Environmentally Safe


“Paintballs Are Environmentally Safe.”

The paintball is made of a biodegradable gelatin that will dissolve with time. However, the paint inside of the paintball can at times be questionable. Cheaper paintballs or seconds sometimes use an oil-based fill. This oil can damage the environment, not to mention any animal that might find a few dropped paintballs on the ground and eat them. Only buy paintballs that have PEG (or polyethylene glycol) as a filling.

At Paintball USA, we use high quality, biodegradable paintballs. Rest assured, your paintball birthday parties will be environmentally safe and fun for all ages.

In addition, the paintball is made of food-grade materials, which is excellent for those who might accidentally get some paint in their mouth. However, it is extremely toxic to both cats and dogs. If it is lethal to those animals, it is highly likely to be lethal to other animals as well. As such, paintball manufacturers should develop a new filling that is safe for both accidental human and animal consumption.

Paintballs are not bad for the environment because they are biodegradable. They are nontoxic and break down naturally with time. If players cleanup their shells, used batteries and trash, then the area will be clean and do no harm. It is also helpful to use rechargeable batteries.

Check out paintball parks near me on the internet. Give each a call and inquire about the brand of paintballs that are used.

Leave no trace on the environment – a good rule to live by

These principles apply to many outdoor sports including paintballing. Learn how to leave a smaller footprint while enjoying the great outdoors. Leave No Trace teaches people of all ages how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly and ensure the long-term health of our natural world. Yosemite National Park’s first Leave No Trace educators offer a one-night backpacking trip to Inspiration Point, above Yosemite Valley. As you hike and camp in a stunning setting, you will get to learn, discuss and share Leave No Trace practices for trip planning, cooking, disposing of waste and more. Successful participants will become certified Leave No Trace trainers, ready to model best practices and train others in minimum-impact outdoor ethics.

At Paintball USA, there are trash receptacles placed in and around the grounds, but especially near the picnic tables. To keep our park looking clean for each party, we encourage everyone to dispose of their trash properly and be considerate to others celebrating their occasion while playing paintball.