Possible Injuries While Playing Paintball Games

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Possible Injuries While Playing Paintball Games

At Paintball USA we include a safety battle mask in every rental package offered. Most serious injuries that are paintball related can happen to the eyes and ears. Fortunately, no serious injury has happened at Paintball USA during our twenty -five plus years of operation. https://www.paintballusa.org/

Serious injuries do not occur at Paintball USA because we follow strict safety standards such as;

  • Enforcing paintball mask being worn at all times on the fields and target ranges.
  • Enforcing consequences for removing your mask on the playing field.
  • Including a mask with every rental package.
  • Recommending specific types of age -related paintball activities.
  • Separating advanced player games from players using rental markers.

Less common injuries that can happen when playing paintball games are, sprained ankles, bruises and welts from not wearing enough protective clothing. https://www.paintballusa.org/about/paintball-facts

Players that wear shorts and tee shirts are offered jacket, pants, and jump suit rentals. Believe it or not, there are some players that would rather experience the pain of getting shot directly on the skin as opposed to layering up with long sleeves and pants. Totally their decision.  We can only recommend safety attire.

Statistics show that there are up to 30,000 people injured per year by paintball guns including air soft and bb guns. Compared to injuries from other sports, this is a low percentage of people considering the number of paintball parks in the United States.

The level of pain when getting hit with a paintball is comparable to a bee sting depending on the layers of clothing you are wearing and the range of your opponent shooting you. When safety rules are followed, such as the ten- foot rule where an opponent may not shoot you less than ten feet away, the worst you will get is a bruise, in some cases, a welt.

As with any bruise or welt, they go away within a week or so with ice to reduce swelling. If you should get hit in the back or side of the head where your mask doesn’t cover, it will cause a painful thump, yet, not the most painful part of the body to be hit.

These are the most painful places to get hit with a paintball.

  • The fingers are very small boned and sensitive to pain.
  • The neck.
  • The groin.
  • The inside of your leg, the fleshy part of your thigh.
  • The back of the head.

The neck is thin skinned and very sensitive to pain. Always wear a wrap around scarf or bandanna to protect your neck. A paintball to the throat may stun your breathing for a moment and scare you more than anything.

Paintball USA offers paintball soft, especially for younger kids and/or beginners. The semi-auto marker is smaller and shoots the .50 caliber paintballs that are about half the size of the standard marble sized paintball. Therefore, there is less impact and sting when hit.

Our splatmaster markers are spring activated pump markers that shoot out the smaller paintballs. A spring action is far less powerful than a marker that has an air tank on the back propelling paintballs out with force.

Finally, gelly ball pistols shoot out water filled orbeez that disintegrate on impact. Even on bare skin, the pain is very small.

In short, just remember to follow our helpful hints on how to dress for any paintball activity offered here at Paintball USA. https://www.paintballusa.org/welcome-information