How Paintball is Played

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How Paintball is Played

Paintball is an exhilarating, fast-paced, combat themed sport that originated in the United States during the 1980’s. It consists of paintball air guns that use compressed air HPA tanks to shoot out paintballs at opposing team players during various games such as capture the flag.

If you want an adrenaline rush, play paintball. Each team hits one another will paint filled pellets to complete game objectives as described by a referee. All paintball parks offer packages with rental gear, so you don’t need to bring your own, unless you are an experienced player that has all your own equipment.

The referees explain safety rules, regulations, and strategies on how to play the games. There are three types of paintball games. Recreational, Tournament and Reusable.


Recreational games are played at paintball parks open to the general public using a standard .68 caliber marker rental or personal owned gun. Paintball soft .50 caliber rental guns are available as well. Those games are kept separate from the .68 rentals. More beginners use the .50 caliber markers.

How many players can be on a paintball team.

The referee will divide players into two teams. There can be as many as 20 players per team on a field. At Paintball USA, those numbers can vary between 10–15 players per team in a game at one time.


Tournament games are played by formed paintball teams. You can join a team by getting to know other players at a paintball park or start your own after you know how to play.


Many tournaments are held on speedball fields with inflatable bunkers on a grass or astro-turfed field. The placement of the air ball bunkers enhances communication, speed and agile movement for the team players. Tournament teams consist of 3–10 players. Games typically last 3–5 minutes.

Players using semi-automatic guns use anywhere from 500-1,000 paintballs per speedball game. To make paintballs affordable for tournament players, some fields sponsor the team in which the team gets a discount on cases of paint.

The inflatable bunkers are made of a fabric, coated in a thick vinyl and filled with air, similar to a bounce house, yet, they stand alone and can be set up practically anywhere. Inflatable bunkers alleviate the chance of player injury.  If a player runs into or stumbles over an inflatable, less likely he will get hurt than if he runs into a wooden structure.

Reusable paintballs for games.

Reball is a great alternative for beginner paintball players due to fact you won’t spend a lot of money in buying paintballs to shoot up in quantity while learning the sport. Reusable paintballs can be fired over and over.

Tournament teams use them to train for competitions. They are made of a synthetic, rubber material and work in standard paintball guns that take .68 caliber paintballs. They inflict about the same amount of pain as a standard paintball, so be sure and dress appropriately as you would using regular paintballs.

Various paintball games.

  • Elimination where the last player not hit with a paintball, his team wins.
  • Capture the flag using the opposing team’s flag or center flag objective.
  • Attack and defend.
  • King of the hill.
  • Bomb squad.

Paintball USA offers recreational paintball. We get many paintball birthday parties, families with mixed ages, and team building events. Many individuals in these groups haven’t ever played paintball before. Our referees assist newbies and beginner players in learning the basics to have a fantastic, positive paintball experience.


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