Rules of Play for Valued Patrons!


At Paintball USA we play an adult version of  Capture the Flag. The object of the game is for you and your team to capture or take your opponents’ flag from their station back to your own flag station to win the game.

Safety certified paintball masks will be worn at all times when on the field side of the black netting where you enter the playing area. You are also to wear your mask at all times when you are using the target range. Barrel sleeves are to be installed onto the end of your barrel at all times in the staging area. No Exceptions. Before you walk off the playing field at the end of the game, please empty your gun, put it on safety and then install your barrel sleeve. Be careful of areas of the field that have large amounts of dirt and loose rocks because it is very easy to slip, fall and become injured. There are absolutely no real weapons allowed at Paintball USA. Never for any reason should you ever attempt to look down the barrel of your paintball gun. If your mask should become fogged, do not remove it. Bend down and put your head between your legs, then you can yell “blind man”. A referee will stop the game and come to help you.

All guns are to be empty of paintballs in the barrel, on safety and with the barrel sleeve on at all times. Always point guns down when you are not playing a game. This is to be done when you are leaving the playing field as well as in the staging area. All guns are to be chronographed before each game. All guns will chronograph at or below 280 f.p.s. No climbing on or over trees, rocks, structures or obstacles. No shooting in the staging area. No smoking or alcoholic beverages at Paintball USA. If you are injured, please call for a ref and show him your problem so we can help you.



You are eliminated from a game if you:

  • Have a splat of paint on you larger than a quarter

  • Shoot the other player more than 3 times in a row

  • Your gun is shooting above the posted f.p.s. rule

  • Are seen wiping a paint splat off and trying to continue to play the game

  • Use profanity during the game

  • Use any kind of physical violence – a ref can eliminate you for the rest of the day

  • Your gun is hit first and the paint gets on you the size of a quarter hit

  • Try to pick up an object to be used as a shield

  • Walk with eliminated players in order to get behind the opposing team’s front line so as to attack them or steal their flag

  • Go outside the boundaries of the playing area during the game

  • Are shot by one of your own team members or shoot yourself

  • If you shout aloud any words such as “I hit you”, “I am hit”, “you or I are dead”, “dead man out” and you cannot talk to an already hit player

You will be eliminated if you are hit on your personal gun. You will not be eliminated for a hit on your rental gun or loader. When you are eliminated from a game, put your gun over your head and yell out that you are out of the game while leaving the field. Only this way will others know that you are dead or have been hit, so you won’t get shot at. Do not shoot players that are less than 10 feet away from you. If you get closer than 10 feet you are eliminated. If you are more than 10 feet away, ask them to surrender first and then if they do not surrender, you may shoot them below the shoulders. No removing or switching of your armbands during a game in play. No lying about your armband color, but if asked, you do not have to answer. If you grab the flag, you are not allowed to hide the flag out of sight. You must leave the flag in plain sight as you move it to your own flag station. The games will last between 20 and 40 minutes with an extra 2 minutes if a flag is pulled in the last 1 minute of the game. If you have the flag and you are hit, you must turn around and take the flag back to the other team’s station. However, if you have a team mate close by, he or she may take the flag from you. You are not to throw or toss the flag. Your teammate must come to you and grab the flag from your hands. Any live teammate can continue to advance the flag to the station. If both flags are in motion, the flag that is hung at the opponent’s flag station first wins the game. If all players in the game agree in advance, refs can “reincarnate” players. Dead (or already hit) players return to their flag station. Two common ways to reincarnate: (1) touch the flag and reincarnate immediately, or (2) all dead players are reincarnated at the 10 minute mark. This allows players more practice time on the field.



Yell out “PAINT CHECK” if you believe you have hit someone and the ball has broken on them or if you are hit and unable to see it on yourself.

Types of Paint Checks:

  • In the field – only the players involved will stop playing for the check.

  • At a flag station – all players near the flag station will stop playing for the check.

  • In an out of the way location with no ref in the area – will be on the honor system. The players that are in the dispute will stop and check each other.

Also during a check, a ref can: stop all play in a given area, move players apart, give a 5 count to let the players separate, or remove players that have come into the frozen area. All boundaries are marked with colored string. Do not stray out of bounds during a game. All games will be started when the refs blow 1 report with their whistle. If you hear 2 reports of the whistle, there is a paint check somewhere on the field. If you hear 3 reports of the whistle, the game is over and you are to go to the staging area. If you call a paint check on yourself, you must start play immediately where you are. If someone else calls a paint check on you and you are clean, you get 5 seconds to move to a safer area.



Use only a clean soft microfiber cloth to clean your mask lenses to avoid scratching them. DO NOT USE PAPER TOWELS. Never set a mask down with the lenses facing down on any surface. The best thing to do is to lay them on their side to avoid damage to the lenses. If you are given a damaged mask, you should return them for a replacement before the games begin so you won’t be charged for them. To avoid losing your valuables, do not leave them in your pockets or lying on the tables during the games. Please leave your valuables in your car, bring a lock from home or purchase one from the cashier for $5.

Last but not least, we have trash cans all around the park for your use during the course of the day. Please help us keep the park grounds clean by picking up and disposing of your trash before you leave. No boxes in trash cans.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a great day of paintball fun!