How to Shoot a Paintball Gun

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How to Shoot a Paintball Gun

Paintball USA is an outdoor family entertainment center, where we get many birthday parties with first time players. Many of our referees play paintball. They are trained and enforce the safety rules that we have players follow.

Paintball game safety rules, strategy and tactics are helpful for all, especially for the beginner players. Instruction on how to shoot a paintball gun, how to aim and proper stance is key. Even beginners enjoy winning!

As seen on action packed adventure films, players sometimes mimic the actors and shoot with one eye open, which isn’t advisable because you will not have a clear view of your target or where your paintballs are landing.

Get used to shooting with both eyes open if you want to hit your target, react faster and see what is coming at you from the opposing team. Most games played at Paintball USA are Capture the Flag, where the opposing team is trying to take the flag from your station. Paintball is a very fast, paced sport.

The Correct Way to Hold Your Gun

The way you hold your paintball gun while participating makes a difference in how well you will play. Press the gun against the front of your shoulder like how you hold a rifle or rest the tank on top of your shoulder. Either way is good practice for proper technique.

Holding your gun correctly will help with your balance, aim, and sight. Keep your finger close to the trigger ready to shoot.

Wrong Way to Hold Your Gun

Some players, even advanced ones, hold the gun propped against their hip. Not only do you overshoot your target, but at Paintball USA, this kind of shooting is referred to as “blind firing”.

Blind firing is a dangerous misuse of a paintball gun. You not only waste paintballs, but the shots can also go over the top of the net into the registration and picnic areas where observers aren’t wearing protective paintball masks.

Holding a paintball gun straight out in front of you is useless if trying to hit your target on the game field.

  • Holding a gun sideways will not give you the aim you need.
  • Sideways shooting will waste your paintballs.
  • Paintballs will spill out of your hopper onto the ground if your gun isn’t held properly.
  • Improper form makes for improper balance.

Shooting Form and Balance

Face your target with your feet shoulder width apart, pointing in the direction of whom you are trying to hit. A firm stance will allow you to pivot in any direction while keeping your balance.

When practicing good form in your stance, holding your gun, shooting correctly, and listening to the tips on strategy from the referee, you will have more fun and waste fewer paintballs.

We understand every player is excited to play paintball and sometimes, will not pay close attention to the safety rules verbally given by the referees. A good idea is to read and learn the safety rules and game play prior to your playing here.

Paintball USA’s Orientation is all you need to know about game play and rules. It is found on our website.