Projects Filmed at Our Locations

MILES, Productions, LLC – filming 1/2017 through 2/2017.  Location Manager Ralph Meyer.
Detail Films – shoot at Acton, 1/4/17
Taylor Gang – music video with Wiz Khalifa, 12/17/16.
FTP Productions, LLC Black-ISH – Season 3, rented paintballing equipment  9/2/16 through 9/10/16. Randy Eriksen, Production.
TCFTV – “Speechless” YR 1, filmed at the Santa Clarita Movie Ranch 8/22/16 through 9/29/16  Jesse Cole, Location Manager.
USDA Forest Service Angeles National Forest – used the Acton Movie Ranch 7/26/16 through 7/31/16 for mobile retardant base and landing/cargo area.
Music Video Uma  Thurmon by Fallout Boy – filming a segment of Pete Wentz for a paintball clip in his video for the album American Beauty/American Psycho. June 2015
WBTV Selfie Season 1, Warner Bros. Television, Gregory Alpert, Location Manager
10/27/14 through 10/28/2014 @ Paintball USA, The Acton Movie Ranch.
Hell’s Kitchen Season 15 – ITV Studios & Upper Ground Enterprises, Ryne Cubs, Production Coordinator
10/25/2014 @ Paintball USA,  Santa Clarita.
Showdown of the Unbeatables – GRB Entertainment, National Geographic, Lauren Woods, Production Coordinator, 10/11/2013 through 10/11/2013 @ Paintball USA, The Acton Movie Ranch.
The Art of Life – Fubot Pictures, Craig Gunsauley, Executive Producer
10/4/2014 @ Paintball USA, Santa Clarita
Cult Records Shoot – Ben Griffin/Prime Zero Productions, LLC
9/17/2014 @ Paintball USA, Oxnard.
Kickin’ It Season 4 – It’s a Laugh Productions, Hollywood Center Studios, Zack Davis, Production Coordinator. 3/7/2014 through 3/17/2014 filmed @ Hollywood Ctr. Studios. Mike Schwartz as consultant.
The Middle – Warner Bros. Studios, Michel Courville, Production Coordinator
11/8/2012 through 11/15/2012 Mike Schwartz consulting on set.
Hell’s Kitchen – ITV Studios & Upper Ground Enterprises, Timothy Neely,  Production Coordinator
Mike Schwartz as set consultant @ Upper Ground Studios in Sherman Oaks, 8/27/2012.
Bang Bang, the Program – Little Pond Television, Lisa Lenner, Coordinator @ Fremantle Media
Mike Schwartz was hired to be an on set consultant @ Fremantle Media’s Burbank Studios
8/13/2012 through 8/14/2012.
Doing Da Vinci – Pilgrim Films & Television, Jay Bluemke, Co-Executive Producer
1/30/2009 rented paintball equipment for shoot @ The Valencia Industrial Center.
The Mentalist – Warner Bros. Television, Kevin Danchisko, Location Manager
10/28/2008 @ Paintball USA, Simi Valley.
HBO Generation Kill – Zoom Media & Marketing, T.J. O’Brien, Production Coordinator
6/16/2008 @ Paintball USA, The Acton Movie Ranch.
Redline DVD – Genius Products, Laelah Shore, Production Coordinator
7/25/2007 @ Paintball USA, Newhall.
Shore & BlakeProject, -  NBC Universal, Gary Kessell, Location Manager
3/22/2007 @ Paintball USA, The Acton Movie Ranch.
Wild Hogs – Wild Hog Productions, Inc., John Scotts, Producer
12/14/2006 @ Paintball USA, The Acton Movie Ranch.
Las Vegas – NBC Studios, Inc., Barry Larson, Location Manager
3/13/2006 through 3/17/2006 @ Paintball USA/The Acton Movie Ranch.
Castrol – Gorgeous Enterprises, David Blum, location manager
2/22/2004 @ Paintball USA, Newhall.
Neo Ned – A.P.S. Arrival Pictures, Josh McGuire, Production Coordinator
6/30/2003 @ Paintball USA, Newhall.
Marry My Dad – NBC, Bruce Nash Entertainment, Inc., Carlos Ortiz, Location Manager
5/16/2003 @ Paintball USA, Newhall.

According to Jim – Touchtone Television, David Querido, Production Coordinator
10/31/2003 through 11/5/2003 @ Paintball USA, Newhall.
House of the Dead – Artisan Entertainment, Emily Hak, Production Coordinator
10/12/2003 @ Paintball USA, Newhall.
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not – Woodridge Productions, Crystal Herrell, Clearance Coordinator
12/31/2002 @ Paintball USA, Newhall.
Splatter Factor – Fox 11, Ojo De Aqua Productions, Eduardo Ugalde, Production Coordinator
7/08/2002 @ Paintball USA, Santa Clarita.
King of Queens – Montrose Productions, Rob Schiller, Director
11/10/2000 @ Paintball USA, Newhall.
NARITAI – Robin/Tani Media Factory TV Production, Yukio Kusumoto, Production Coordinator
3/20/2000 @ Paintball USA, Newhall for a film to air in Japan.
Guys Who Like Movies – T.B.S. Turner Broadcasting, Canon Turner, Location Manager
12/14/1999 @ Paintball USA, Newhall.
A Dating Story – Pie Town Productions, Hayley Blain, Segment Producer
6/03/1999 @ Paintball USA, Newhall.
Movie Promotions held @ Paintball USA;
The Island – Dreamworks SKG, Julie Day, Field Marketing & Promotions 6/25/2005
Tropic Thunder – Dreamworks Producations, Tova Weintraub, Promoter 8/27/2008