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WE ARE OPEN ON RAINY WEEKENDS - SAT. & SUN. 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

At Paintball USA there are outdoor paintball games for all ages and all levels. For our youngest players, beginning at age 6, plan a Splatmaster birthday party. Splatmaster air guns are pump action spring that do not have an air tank attached. This controls the paintball soft gels from coming out of the barrel at a slower velocity. Perfect for little ones.

We offer Paintball Soft for ages 6 years & up. These are .50 caliber, light weight air guns that shoot out paintball soft gels, perfect for birthday parties and for groups that may have a combo of children and adults.

The standard .68 caliber semi automatic air gun is offered for the players that have some paintball experience and prefer to play with mainly adults.

Our Private Game Special from now until January 2020 on the weekends are for groups of 10 or more by reservation in advance.

Finally, we always welcome our advanced players that are fully equipped.