COVID Update

Is Paintball Safe during the Covid-19 outbreak? YES!  Paintball is a low risk activity.

Outdoors in Open Space Fresh air is recommended.  Exercise is needed to maintain a healthy immune system.

Everyone wears masks! Respiratory droplets cannot travel far if you’re wearing a mask.

10' Rule Paintball players must be 10' apart minimum.

Disinfecting of Equipment, we have increased the level of disinfectant which is great for killing bacteria and viruses.

Quarantine The virus cannot live outside of the body for more than 72 hours, so all our equipment is quarantined for 72 hours after disinfecting, just in case.

Lessen Contact Utilizing our online registration for check in decreases contact.  We have limited the amount of people total in the park to allow more open space at the tables.

Routine Cleaning Surfaces like keyboards, fill hoses, faucets, door handles are cleaned every hour.

Staff Training We've educated all our staff on cleaning techniques, and how to adapt to this situation.  Safety has always been the key to our company's success.

Masks All players and observers are required to wear a cloth mask that covers your mouth and nose.

Observers Do not bring small children that are not playing paintball with you unless there is a chaperon to supervise the child/children at the park and in the parking lot outside. No child can use a paintball marker if they are not registered in as a participant.




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