50 Caliber Marker Popularity

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50 Caliber Marker Purchase Popularity Over 68’s

Recently, there has been an increase of players coming to Paintball USA with new 50 caliber paintball guns.  Beginner players have done their homework in learning about the advantages of their first paintball gun being a 50 caliber.  https://www.paintballusa.org/

50 caliber paintball guns are lighter in weight because the compressed air tank is smaller.  A 48 cubic inch aluminum tank that can be filled up to 4,500 compressed air pressure gives you many shots, but really weighs the player down while out on the field in a game.

The 50-caliber paintball gun shoots the smaller paintballs which are almost half the size of the 68 caliber paintballs which make for a lesser impact when hit. You can carry twice the number of 50 caliber paintballs in your ammo pods. That will increase your time out on the playing field.

The 50 caliber markers are less expensive, and you will play in the same games with others that are using the same kind of gun.

If you decide to bring your 50-caliber marker with you when invited to a paintball birthday party, it will not be as intimidating as showing up with an expensive looking 68 caliber custom marker. You will most likely be able to play in the same games with your friends using rental guns. https://www.paintballusa.org/pricing

50 caliber paintball guns do not propel the smaller paintballs at the same distance or velocity as the 68 calibers and at times, the 50 caliber paintballs do not break on impact.

A good idea is to find a paintball park near you that rents out 50 caliber guns. You want to be sure there will be enough players on the fields using 50 caliber guns. https://www.paintballusa.org/gallery

68 caliber custom paintball guns are more costly because of electronic and extra features that are added on to make the gun shoot farther for enhanced tournament play.

If you are going to try out the sport of paintball and have the intentions of recreational play, your first gun should be a 50 caliber.

Using 50 caliber markers will keep team building events more fair and less painful. First time players will be more likely to play using 50 caliber guns.

In Summary, Reasons to Buy or Rent 50 Caliber Guns

  • Less pain when hit with a 50-caliber paintball
  • Lighter in weight to carry on the playing field
  • Less time spent in reloading your ammo paintball pods
  • You will play in games with players using 50 caliber guns

If you were asking for a new paintball gun this Christmas or Hannukah, hopefully you received a 50-caliber gun, accessories, and paintballs. You are welcome to try it out at Paintball USA where we get a lot of beginner players. https://www.paintballusa.org/location

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