Building Stamina and Cardio Fitness for Long Paintball Games

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Building Stamina, Endurance, and Cardio Fitness for Long Games

Stamina, endurance, and cardio fitness are all necessary health attributes to endure long games of paintball, especially in tournaments. There is a difference in all three. Below are short descriptions. 

Stamina is your physical ability to put forth maximum effort. Shorter, intense, workouts will help you build stamina. A twenty-minute workout of maximum intensity is a good example on how to build stamina.

Examples on how to build stamina.

  • High intensity power workouts.
  • Sports that require speed, such as paintball.
  • Consistency.
  • Gradual increase of weights when lifting.
  • Long, power, runs.
  • Caffeinated beverages and sports drinks prior to your work out.

You will notice the increase of stamina after two or three months if you train consistently, monitor your progress regularly by lifting more weights, run longer distances, and slowly increase the intensity of your work outs.

Health factors such as asthma, heart disease, brittle bones, weak muscles, and medications can affect stamina negatively. Extreme climate and elevation can put a damper on stamina as well.

Diet that includes to many baked sweets, candy, soft drinks, sugar, and consumption of large meals require excess work from your digestive system, which affects your energy level and decreases stamina. 

Endurance is your ability to perform an activity for a greater length of time. Unlike stamina, endurance doesn’t have to include maximum intensity effort. 

Building endurance.

  • Allows you to exert yourself actively for long periods of time without tiring.
  • Establishes physical fortitude.
  • Increases persistence, tenacity, and perseverance. 

Examples of sports that build endurance.

  • Paintball Games.
  • Jogging.
  • Swimming. 
  • Biking.
  • Jumping rope.

Cardio exercise increases your endurance and stamina while teaching you to keep pace in whatever sport or activity you are involved with. Cardio fitness offers the most health benefits such as, burning calories to maintain an ideal weight, helps control blood pressure, improves cholesterol levels, and facilitates oxygen levels to reach the heart and lungs.

Examples of cardio exercise in a gym are the treadmill, stair master, elliptical, and stationary bike.  Outdoors, anyone can get a great cardio workout by hiking, running, jogging, bike riding, paintball speed ball games, and power walking. 

Standardized times for cardio workouts should be at least 150 minutes of medium intensity during a one-week period or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity,

In summary, stamina will help you put forth maximum effort. Endurance enables you to perform for long periods of time. Cardio exercise combines stamina’s force, and lasting endurance while keeping pace of your energy output, supplying your muscles with oxygen which in turn will allow you maximum playing ability in a paintball game.

Beginner paintball players can be in any physical shape and skill level. As your love for the sport increases, naturally, you want to become more proficient at your skill. You’ve spent quite a bit on your own custom paintball marker, accessories, and equipment.

You plan on joining a team in order to participate in tournaments. Next step is to get in the best physical shape as possible. Begin a rigid health program by combining stamina, endurance, and cardio exercises. Good Luck!