Community and Social Interaction in Paintball

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Community and Social Interactions in Paintball

People from all over Southern California visit Paintball USA. Some are first time players celebrating their birthday with a paintball party. Others are regulars that come out every weekend because they love the sport. Some individuals that have their own custom paintball guns and gear, come out when they can get away from work. 

Regardless of when people get the chance to have a paintball excursion here, the local community benefits in many ways. Sports bring folks together by social interaction, outdoor physical activity, and teamwork. Paintball is an excellent way to develop a teamwork attitude.

Paintball leagues, teams, clubs, and recreational games create a community sense of belonging while sharing common sporting interests and goals.

Social benefits

Playing on a paintball team, whether it be strangers or friends, gives one a sense of belonging while learning cooperation, accepting discipline, listen to your team mates, and following directions. It helps kids make new friends outside their social circle at school. 

In a broader sense, social interaction in a team sport gives kids an opportunity to associate with their friends outside of school, prevent and solve disagreements while have fun on the field. 

Whether you are playing paintball, softball, or pickleball, any team sport increases your self esteem and confidence. Games and practices make you a better player. In turn, your practice pays off in competition to achieve your goal to win. 

Any kind of communication between yourself, another person, or a group of people is defined as social interaction. We interact with people on a daily basis at school, at your job, the grocery store, etc. Team communication happens between players in a sport on the game field usually at a fast pace. 

Keep in mind, not all team communication can be friendly. At times, you may disagree with your team mate on the advice they are giving you. Some players assume they are the team captain and offer you advice when you don’t want it. Excess advice/communication during a game can be distracting, so not all verbal interaction is agreeable. 

Key takeaways for social benefits in paintball.

  • Learned cooperation.
  • Exercises discipline.
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem.
  • Enhances communication skills.

Playing paintball or any sport creates friendships by bringing people together from different neighborhoods, communities, schools, and backgrounds. Sports are naturally social due to the pleasurable experience you get from enjoying an outdoor activity away from school and/or work.

Community team sports are offered by your local Parks and Recreation Department, usually consisting of softball, soccer, basketball, and others that are played outdoors. Paintball is privately owned, that provides a team sport for not only the local community and surrounding areas usually in a 50–75-mile radius.

Parks and Recreation sports attract people from your neighborhood and chances are, you will run into peers you might know.  Community relation in sports is organized physical activities to provide social interaction within a specific region. 

Diverse skill levels are acceptable in most sports while sometimes being separated into divisions according to age, and expertise. 

Community relations in paintball.

Corporate team building paintball events are a favorite among employees. Businesses can build trust, loyalty, team effort, and better communication among their employees while on the paintball field away from the work place. Getting a great work out in the outdoors and socializing in a friendly environment helps co-workers get to know one another outside of the office.

Playing paintball or any organized sport helps us to connect by feeling included and supportive of one another.  Sports helps us to improve our overall physical movement skills, muscular strength, academic and mental health, and creates positive personal development. 

Sport and recreation clubs.

Paintball, sports, and recreation of any kind benefit kids, adults, and senior citizens. There is nothing worse for a retired senior citizen than being sedentary. Instead, to be productive and stay in fair to good health after retirement, get outdoors for a physical activity.

Sports and recreation clubs are key for community healthy living no matter what age group. Physical education is required in all schools. Adults are encouraged to be physically active, especially senior citizens. 

Paintball is an extreme sport, however, there are sports for all activity levels. Low impact aerobics, otherwise known as “silver sneakers”, is offered at many gyms for seniors. If a senior is in good physical condition, there isn’t any reason they wouldn’t be able to participate in an extreme sport. 

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities offered through the community parks and recreation sports offices for umpires, strength training and other classes one can teach. Community relations to encourage sports can be volunteering at local events and organizations.