Core Engagement and Balance in Paintball


Core Engagement and Balance in Paintball

Paintball is a high impact sport that’s great for cardio and good health in general. If you are an active person, you know that having a strong core and good balance can make you better in everything you do.

The muscles in your stomach or abs, work together. To strengthen your abs and build up your core, this leads to steadiness and better balance. Stability is balance. Strengthening your core will help tighten up your other muscles too by improved lifting without back pain.

Engaging your abs will activate other muscles in the process. Building a strong core helps you alleviate injuries when playing paintball and participating in other sports. Activating ab muscles improves the ability of the nervous system which gives you a stronger sense of balance. 

Running through the fields in a paintball battle, shooting at your target, with adrenaline pumping, the last thing you want to happen is to lose your balance. This is why it’s so important to have good balance.

The easiest ways to engage your core is to tighten your ab muscles as if you are expecting a punch to the stomach, take deep breaths in through the mouth, and let out slowly through the nose. Coughing and/or sneezing engages your core. You get the idea.

Resistance exercises such as weight training that engage your biceps, curls, squats, push-ups, and especially sit ups are excellent. A test to find if your core is strong is to lie face down on the floor with your hands in the position of a push up. As you push yourself up, if you can keep your back straight, your core is strong.

Some core exercises to improve your balance. 

  • Medicine ball ab twists.
  • Reverse ab tucks by bringing up your knees from a prone position on the floor.
  • Incline bench sit ups.
  • Pull up bar knee raise.
  • Rowing machine knee tuck.
  • Crunches.

Balance exercises.

  • Standing on one foot for 3 minutes, then switch.
  • Tightrope walking on a curb.
  • Standing up from a kneeling position on the floor without using your hands. 
  • Using a balance half ball to stand on at the gym.

Easy ways to build your sense of balance can be achieved in everyday walking and climbing up stairs. In short, leading a physically active life will benefit you in so many ways from brain improvement, strengthening bones, muscles, weight maintenance, reduce the risk of cardio disease, and more.

Most paintball parks are outdoor, so you will need to either find an indoor field or stay in shape by going to the gym during inclement weather.  Paintball USA is open on rainy days and when it snows. If the roads are passable, we are open every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. 

Give us a call to book your next paintball birthday party or outing. Our phone lines are open every day. Most importantly, stay in optimum health and good physical condition for paintball or any other sport.