Does It Hurt Getting Hit With A Paintball

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Does Getting Hit with a Paintball Hurt?

Kids and first-time players often ask if it hurts when hit by a paintball. Yes. It can hurt, however, there are many factors that affect the pain associated with being hit by a paintball.

  • The distance from where the paintball was shot.
  • Whether you are in games using .68 calibers or paintball soft .50 caliber guns.
  • What part of the body the paintball hit.
  • The number of times you were shot by the same player.

To lessen the pain, wearing layers helps.

  • Long sleeves, long pants. Sweats are best.
  • Neck protection such as a scarf or bandanna.
  • Gloves.
  • Hats.

When hit with a paintball during a game and the ball broke on you, raise your gun over your head and shout you are hit. If you are unsure, call a referee over for a paint check. Paint splatter happens when a paintball doesn’t break on a player, but instead, breaks on a nearby surface or bunker. If some of the paint splats on you, that doesn’t count as an out. If a solid splat of paint is on your person, you need to call for a paint check.

If a referee determines you are out, you simply exit the field and everyone returns to their previous position. The game is resumed. The ref calls “game on”!

It’s very important to follow the rules. If you continue to play after being hit, other players will get upset and possibly start an altercation. At Paintball USA, we don’t allow that. It’s known as cheating.

What does it feel like to get hit with a paintball? The pain can range from getting snapped with a wet towel or getting stung by a bee. Does it leave welts and bruises? Of course, it can if you are playing in shorts and a tee shirt. Nothing life threatening though.

There are areas on the body that hurt worse when hit such as, the neck, fingers, back of the head, inside of your leg and the groin. These areas can be especially painful. This is why we stress wearing the right clothes and accessories for paintball.

Understandably, not everyone in the group will get the memo on how to dress unless the party coordinator passes along the helpful hints that we have on our website. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, especially for birthday parties.

Kids paintball birthday parties are especially important for safety wear tips. We emphasize this to the parent hosting the party. No matter what you tell the parents of your guests, sometimes the child will show up for the paintball party in shorts and tee shirt.

At Paintball USA, we offer many rental wear options and safety gear for sale. It just becomes costly for the parent hosting the paintball birthday party. For team building events, the company pays for it anyway, so everyone gets the full safety wear, jump suit, gloves, knee and elbow pads.

Corporations provide and pay for safety rental wear to make sure their staff has the best time playing paintball with the least number of injuries. Most everyone can put together a good set of safety wear for paintball right from their closet.

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