FAQ's Paintball Birthday Parties

Los Angeles Paintball

Frequently Asked Questions for Paintball Birthday Parties

Los Angeles Paintball Parks, like Paintball USA requires knowledgeable phone staff to answer potential customer’s questions while providing great customer service, especially to beginners and parents that are looking for a venue to have their kid’s paintball birthday party.

Parents need to know if the sport is safe enough to host a birthday party here. When parents hold a paintball birthday party at Paintball USA, they are taking into account the responsibility of bringing along minor children that are not theirs. https://www.paintballusa.org/ 

In regards to safety, here are a few parent concerns.

  • Will the party be private.
  • If playing with other gamers, do we mix skill levels.
  • How many players may participate in a game at one time.
  • What should the party goers wear.

Paintball USA offers private games at no additional charge if there are minimum of fifteen players. If the birthday party has less than fifteen, the referees will have the guests play with others using rental markers, which by the way, Paintball USA has standard .68 caliber markers and .50 caliber paintball soft guns. The paintball soft guns are a little lighter in weight and shoot the smaller paintballs that have less impact.

Beginner players and those that are using rental markers. They do not get mixed into games with the more advanced players that have their own custom personal guns. During the day, referees will call out an open class game which means it consists of advanced and beginner players, but it is the choice of the beginners to go and join those games. https://www.paintballusa.org/location

The number of players differ for each game. Paintball in Los Angeles of course will get more players than a paintball center in a less populated area, however, at Paintball USA there is a steady flow of players coming in on any day of operation. Players sometimes skip games in between water and food breaks.

There is no time limit, so parties can be flexible with the games played, breaks the players take, and pizza time. Our inclusive basic rental package comes with a bag of 500 paintballs which can be stretched out to play a few games. When the players run out of paintballs, they can always buy more and continue to play. https://www.paintballusa.org/pricing

What to wear? We always recommend layers of clothing, weather permitting. Naturally, cool Fall through Spring climates will permit you to bundle up with thicker layers intended to act as a cushion when hit with a paintball

Heavier layers of clothing such as sweats are ideal. In Summer months, long pants, long sleeves, cloth gloves, neck bandannas, and a hat of some kind are recommended. In order to stay cool while playing in the summer sun, bring along an ice chest with a spray bottle of cold water and plenty of water to drink. Electrolyte drinks such as Gatorade are great to keep from dehydration. 


Paintball USA has shaded picnic facilities with water misters to keep customers cool during the summer months. Even if you aren’t ready to book your paintball party, feel free to give us a call during the weekdays with any questions or concerns you may have. We are happy to assist party planners with information on how to have a successful event.