Gelly Ball Games

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Gelly Ball Games!

A new sport for beginner paintball players.

Have you ever experienced doubt of accepting an invitation for your best friend’s paintball birthday party?  Do not feel alone.  No matter what age, if you have not played paintball before, your curiosity can easily turn into fear.

No one has ever been killed by getting hit with a paintball. Paintball guns do not shoot fast enough, and the paintball is not heavy enough to cause any permanent physical or life-threatening bodily damage. Best way to see for yourself is to schedule a visit to Paintball USA. Simply google paintball parks near me.

Naturally, you must follow safety rules such as covering as much exposed skin on your person as possible. If you get hit on your bare skin from a paintball traveling at a high speed, close range, it will hurt a lot and could cause bruising and welts.

Trying to accurately express the pain level depends on many factors such as, where the paintball hits you, how close the opposing player is and the speed their gun has been chrono graphed. The referee will “chrono” or measure the velocity/speed of the paintball on your gun before heading out to the playing arena.

At Paintball USA, beginner players now have a choice of trying paintball soft using a .50 caliber light weight air gun that shoots mini sized paintballs or gelly ball games.

Gelly Ball Games

  • Gelly ball blasters are light weight rapid fire pistols
  • Ammo for gelly ball guns are water filled, colorful orbeez
  • Orbeez burst into dust upon impact
  • Orbeez have much less sting than a paintball or air soft bb’s
  • Less padding needed when playing gelly ball
  • Safety masks are required during gelly ball games
  • Gelly ball games are great for ages 6-8 years old

Each gelly ball rental package includes all day field admission, rental gelly ball blaster, safety mask, vest, and a grenade full of water filled, colorful orbeez.

Try this new sport for your next children’s birthday party!


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