How to Become a Certified Paintball Gun Technician

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How to Become a Certified Paintball Gun Technician

It’s great owning your own custom paintball gun, but what happens when it malfunctions? How do you find a technician to do the repairs? Naturally, it depends on what type of gun you have. Whether it be a Tippman, Planet Eclipse, or Empire brand, you may find it very difficult to locate a tech.

During the last ten years or more, many PaintballPro Shops have closed their doors due to lack of business. It is recommended for paintball gun owners to purchase warranties when they buy a brand-new marker, to simply send the gun back to factory for repairs – in most cases.

Shipping your gun back to factory for repair is a hassle and takes time, even if the manufacturer offers that service. Most times, players prefer to simply find a local paintball shop to walk in and leave off their gun. Paintball stores find it costly to employ a skilled gun technician. The owner may have some knowledge on gun repair, so even if you find a retail shop that’s open, there might be a counter clerk to help you, but not qualified to repair your gun.

PTI known as The Paintball Technical Institute was the best school for getting a certification in air tank handling, gun repairs, and tournament referee certification. Currently, there is an annual event held for paintball field owners and employees in the paintball business called The Paintball Extravaganza.

There is a registration fee for paintball business owners and their staff at The Paintball Extravaganza. This event usually lasts from four to five business days and offers classes that you pay for.

One may sign up for a two-hour class on troubleshooting, feature details, disassembly, and repair of the Dye M3+MOSAir platform. After successful completion of the class, you will earn a technician certification for those type of paintball guns.

Since gun technician classes are not locally available or offered frequently, you can apply to work at a paintball shop as a clerk and hopefully, get some on the job training from the owner or someone with technical experience. Trainees can be invited to attend paintball tournaments and other events with a tech. Attending these events can give you exposure to the sport and knowledge of gun maintenance. 

After a few of these events, if the tech allows you to do simple marker repairs, in about two years, you could possibly earn your way to being certified. With further hands-on experience, you could become a master gun technician.

If you are thinking of working in the paintball industry, you might contact one of these manufacturers. There are jobs from order taker, sales, stock room clerks, order fillers, gun repair and technicians.

  • Tippmann Sports, now called KORE Outdoor.
  • Valken Sports.
  • Planet Eclipse.
  • Dye Precision.
  • HK Army.
  • Empire.

If these companies are not in your local community, try watching videos on YouTube for simple marker maintenance. When you are confident with doing simple gun maintenance and adjustments, dive in deeper with technical repairs. 

Take all of this information into account before choosing the best paintball gun for yourself. Remember, the more complex marker design, the more technical knowledge you will need for repairs.