How to Clean and Maintain a Paintball Marker

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How to Clean and Maintain a Paintball Marker

Paintball markers are delicate and need cleaning after each day of paintballing. Every marker comes with an instruction manual labeling the parts.  I encourage you to learn how to disassemble your gun to keep in clean and in good working condition.

This will save you a lot of money and time in taking it to a pro shop and paying a paintball gun tech for service. Learning about gun maintenance will allow you to make quick repairs should your marker malfunction during a paintball game.

A clean, well-maintained marker makes for better paintball play and will keep you in the game shooting accurately.

The main components of a marker.

  • The barrel.
  • Loader or hopper.
  • The clam shell or covering over the intricate parts.
  • Trigger.
  • ASA adapter.
  • Screws, springs, bolts, sears, detents, and other hardware on the inside.

Most importantly, you will always need to wipe down the gun after each use. Unscrew the barrel and use a soft barrel swab to remove dirt, paint, and debris. Use a rubber squeegee to pull through the barrel for any small particles that were missed. You can use warm water to wet the swab before pulling it through the barrel.

Wipe off your loader. The loader sits on the top of your gun and feeds the paintballs into the breach. To remove all particles, dirt, and paint remanence, wash your loader in warm, soapy water and dry.  Don’t forget to clean out the breach thoroughly. The breach is where paintballs fall from the loader into the barrel. If there is any residue from paint in the breach, your paintballs will jam.

Next, remove the screws that hold the clam shell or outer covering of your gun components. Place these screws in a dish next to where you are working so as not to misplace them. You will need every screw to put your gun back together after it has been cleaned.

Most paintball parks and pro shops have 2 sets of Allen wrenches, metric and standard, to clean their rental guns. You can pick up Allen wrenches inexpensively, at any Lowes or Home Depot.

Once you have removed the clam shell, begin checking the springs. Wipe off the springs with a damp cloth. Check orings for cracks and notice if they are worn out. Orings need to be replaced from time to time depending on how often you play paintball.  Orings are removable and can be wiped off with a damp cloth.  Clean out the oring seat as well.

Check the threads on your ASA adapter found at the bottom rear of your marker. Wipe off the threads with a damp cloth. The ASA adapter connects to either a CO2 or HPA compressed air tank.

Damp, soft, clean shop cloths are the best way to clean the outside and inside of your marker.  Don’t forget to pick up some paintball gun oil or a lube type of paste. Refer to your owner’s manual or call the manufacturer if unsure which is best for your gun. Springs, orings and mechanisms all work better after they have been cleaned, dried, and lubed with oil.

Paintball USA has both sizes of Allen wrenches available at the marker center that you can borrow for quick fixes. There is no gun technician on site because we only rent out guns, not sell them. Our rental markers are kept in good working condition for obvious reasons.

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