Impact and Safety Regulations in Paintball


Impact and Safety Regulations in Paintball

When visiting Paintball USA, prepare to be immersed with how to stay safe when participating in games. Even spectators on site will be educated on safety.  First step in the registration process is to fill out waivers, for both players and spectators. Parents coming along for kid’s birthday parties sometimes just want to socialize and not play. In that case, they will still fill out a waiver and watch a standard safety video that explains the dos and don’ts on the playing fields. 

After picking up the rental equipment, getting geared up, and ready to play, the head referee will show players how the paintball gun works in the staging area. Dividing up teams, going over safety rules and regulations also happens before players are let onto the playing field. 

Our primary objective at Paintball USA is to make sure all players have a safe and fun paintball experience. Here are some of the most important safety rules to follow. 

  • Barrel sleeves are to be kept on your gun at all times until you are ready to play on the field and in the target range.
  • No shooting your gun anywhere except the target range or playing field. 
  • Masks are to be worn at all times in the target range and playing field. 
  • Guns are to remain on safety setting at all times except in the target range or playing field. 
  • Spectators must wear a paintball mask when on the playing field taking photos.

There are helpful strategies that referees explain before the games. Beginner players appreciate tips on how to capture the flag. As with any sport, paintball is fun to play, and everyone wants their team to win. For beginners that are concerned with the pain factor, we offer paintball soft .50 caliber rental guns that shoot the smaller paintballs

Paintball soft, as it’s called, is played using a lighter weight .50 caliber marker and the smaller paintballs that have less impact. At Paintball USA, the referees keep players together in games using paintball soft rental guns, standard .68 caliber guns, and more advanced players that bring in their own custom guns. During the day, the head referee will announce an open class game for rental players to join with advanced players.

It is the player’s choice as to whether or not they wish to participate with the more advanced players, however, we highly recommend .50 caliber renters not to join in open class games for the simple reason paintball soft guns are not a competitive match with .68’s or custom markers. 

There are other miscellaneous rules to follow at Paintball USA. Some may seem like “just use common sense”, but you would be surprised at how some folks prefer to do as they please even if it involves accidentally hurting another person.

  • When walking off of the playing field put the barrel cover on your gun.
  • Do not shoot or empty your gun when walking off the field. 
  • Do not climb trees, branches, or other structures on the field at any time.
  • Do not carry or move bunkers on the field.
  • If you are shot during a game, raise your gun, call yourself out, and proceed to the exit.
  • Never bring a real fire arm to Paintball USA.
  • No blind firing/shooting randomly up in the air.
  • Never remove your paintball mask on the field even if it is fogged.
  • No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed on premises. 

When bringing in your own custom marker, the head referee will chronograph your gun in the staging area. Your gun must have a regulator in order to keep the velocity no higher than 280 fps. If your gun doesn’t have a regulator, you may not use it at Paintball USA.

These safety rules may seem like a lot to learn within your first visit, but just know that these standards are designed to keep players safe. Paintball is considered to be an extreme sport, meaning, it is fast paced using projectiles being shot at you, so more safety precautions are needed to follow.