Implementing Stealthy Movement and Silent Approaches in Paintball Games

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Implementing Stealthy Movement and Silent Approaches in Paintball Games

What exactly does the word stealth mean in regards to paintball games?  It’s kind of like the ninja effect of remaining undetected while on the playing field by hiding, using sneak attacks, using natural terrain to ambush the opposing team, and of course, wearing camouflage clothing to blend in with the scenery. 

Communicating to your team members by using hand signals is another example of being stealthy as oppose to verbal communication. When you verbally shout out movement and instructions to your team, it will reveal your location to the opposing team members and give away your strategy.

Paintball uses a lot of adrenaline that may cause you to act on your own while ignoring your team and their defense tactics that your squad has practiced before the game. This will not help you win the game. Remember to keep moving while making smart decisions, hopefully, ones that you have practiced.

Be totally aware of the field layout, where the bunkers are, thick brush that will keep you invisible to your opponents, possible obstacles that could possibly make you lose your footing, and anything that could obstruct your visibility.

Exercise confidence and plan to have a positive paintball experience whether you are a beginner or advanced player. Practice minimizing sound while moving through the playing field by;

  • Wearing soft, cleated footwear.
  • Clothing that will not attract attention. No bright colors.
  • Move swiftly, but quietly with soft steps.
  • Try not to make noises such as rustling through leaves or sliding around on rocks.
  • Watch where you are going. Don’t crash into structures.
  • Make use of outside noise like when a train, helicopter, or siren is passing by, make your move.

Secret and special military forces such as Navy Seals train to be stealthy because it can make a difference in life or death when they are on a mission. Using their training and autonomic nervous system, aka adrenaline, adds to their becoming super stealth-like.

Their silent movement using a crouched, slow stance, will allow their foot steps to be exceptionally quiet when moving about behind enemy lines. They are only a shadow in the darkness to their hunters.

With their intense training, on land and sea, they can endure much more hardship than the average person.

Paintball guns can be made quieter by upgrading the barrel to fourteen inches in length which causes porting. The air behind the ball time and space to expand and shot through the barrel is porting. The lengthier barrel acts as a silencer would on a real weapon.

In addition, carbon fiber barrels with the same length will produce a quieter sound than an aluminum barrel that’s found on most stock paintball guns.

In short, practice being a Ninja style paintball player. Stealthy, swift, clean, energetic moves through the arenas along with quiet movement while wearing clothing that blends in with the outdoors is your best way to not be seen by the opposing team. paintball