Kinetic Energy in Paintball

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Kinetic Energy in Paintball

Kinetic Fire Power

The term kinetic, militarily speaking, is the standard types of weaponry and missiles used to hit targets. These lethal capabilities are designed to destroy enemy forces through physical effects. 

Kinetic weapons are designed for the projectiles to inflict damage and/or lethal effects to their targets by exploding using kinetic energy.

Non-kinetic methods consist of electronic and cyber-attacks. Paintball games at Paintball USA are regulated to be non-lethal due to the adjusted velocity on the marker to measure the speed allowable for the paintball being shot out of the gun. 

There are three kinds of kinetic energy.

  • Translational.
  • Rotational.
  • Vibrational kinetic energy.

When an object is travelling in a straight line, such as a paintball being shot from the barrel or a free-falling solid mass of any kind, it is referred to as translational kinetic energy.

The kinetic energy in relation to the mass of a moving object or particle is a property of which can be translational while moving from one point to another involving both rotation and vibration motions.

If an object is turning or rolling in motion, it is an example of rotational and translational kinetic energy. Sports such as pickleball and softball, where the ball is in a rotating motion displays translational kinetic energy. Paintballs travel in a straight line, not rotating when being shot.

Our Earth and solar system are perfect examples of rotational kinetic energy. In each case, the linear velocity is different on all angles of the body rotating on its axis.

Interestingly, any object such as a cell phone, a percussion instrument, or other high-tech electronical device that vibrates causes vibrational kinetic energy.

Kinetic cyber-attacks cause direct and indirect physical damage through the leakage of classified and personal information of a company or individual. Since computers have been introduced worldwide, cyber-attacks have become a real and ongoing threat. 

Non kinetic energy, NKE weapons, consist of bio chemical bombs, electricals such as tasers, long range acoustical devices known as LRAD. 

Paintball markers and kinetic energy

The larger the mass of the paintball that is being shot from the barrel, the more impact, and force of kinetic energy. The barrel of a marker has been designed to project the paintball at a very low level of speed. 

At Paintball USA, marker velocity is always measured by using a chronograph machine. Referee staff have been trained to adjust velocity speeds appropriately for safe paintball games. Rental guns are adjusted to 260 feet per second shooting out of the barrel.

Players with personal, custom, markers are chrono graphed at 280 fps maximum. Some skilled paintball players prefer to adjust their speed higher than 280 fps, however, to keep all players safe at Paintball USA, we have designated speeds to allow for non-lethal ball impact. 

Airsoft pellets are smaller in mass, but travel at a faster speed than paintballs, therefore, the kinetic energy of a paintball gun is higher than that of an airsoft gun.