Laser Tag vs. Paintball Games in Summer Months

Paintball Parks in Los Angeles

Laser Tag vs. Paintball Games in Summer Months

There are many more laser tag centers in L.A. County than there are Paintball Parks. After all, Los Angeles Paintball Parks are all outdoors and you will need quite a few acres to set up bunkers to conduct games.

Laser tag is always played indoors due to the laser light effect of tagging the competitor’s opposing team. You wouldn’t be able to see the light beams outdoors, however, it has been tried in the past. About ten years ago, there was a mobile laser tag company that hosted birthday parties at people’s homes. 

This traveling laser tag company brought along wooden bunkers, laser tag guns and masks. It was an interesting concept, but unless the party was held at night, players found it impossible to see the laser beams, so the company ended up going out of business.

The dozen or more laser tag centers in Los Angeles are all indoors which gives kids an activity they can do in any kind of weather, especially during hot summer months. You only need 4-6 players for laser tag games because the bunkers are much closer together than that of paintball and played in a smaller space.

Laser tag is played in the dark with ultra violet lights giving it a neon vibe. It is more expensive than a day of paintball. Laser tag usually charges per game. The vest and marker are light weight. There is no running in the arenas due to the small amount of space.

Paintball in Los Angeles can be found in less populated areas due to the space needed so the paint doesn’t splat all over homes and surrounding buildings. Paintball Parks are all outdoors and you can play in practically any kind of weather.

For hot summer days, tips on staying cool during paintball games,

  • Hydrate. Bring plenty of cold water in coolers to the park.
  • Fill spray bottles with cold water and spritz in between games.
  • Dress in light colors and avoid wearing sweats.
  • Take more breaks in the shade in between games.

Paintball is less expensive than laser tag. For a whole day’s play, you can get a reasonably priced package at Paintball USA that includes rental gear and a bag of 500 paintballs. If you are staying the whole day, you will most likely need to purchase a few more paintballs.

Paintball USA provides shaded picnic facilities with a cool spray from our water misters. Players and parties are not limited to any time increment. You can come in when we open at 10:00 a.m. and stay until close at 4:00 p.m. 

Slap on some sun screen before heading out. Chances are, you will be wearing long sleeves and pants, but your face and neck will be exposed to the sun. Arctic cooling shirts are great for hot days and some have UV ray protection.

Planning a Paintball Birthday Party in summer months is doable and the kids will have a blast at Paintball USA