Media Coverage and Broadcasting of Paintball Competitions


Media Coverage and Broadcasting of Paintball Competitions

The Pro Paintball Circuit is a group of tournament teams that belong to the NXL, National Xball League that plays throughout North America and Europe. The NXL is a Professional Division that highlights on the top paintball players. 

There are many paintball enthusiasts that have wanted to get into the professional tournament scene to earn money from winning, team sponsorship, and earn a living. One would have to be a top, well known, pro player to earn enough money to support themself. 

In most cases, those that have made it to the top and play tournament paintball usually are employed by suppliers in the industry for supplemental income. Paintball can be a great hobby, however, unlike professional football, baseball, and other more popular sports where athletes earn millions.

This year, 2024, the NXL Event will be help at Craig Ranch Park in Las Vegas. There will be twenty-three teams participating in the event. San Diego Dynasty, Aftermath, Los Angeles Infamous, and Ironmen are pro teams based in California.

Paintball is an exhilarating sport if you like getting dirty and are dressed in layers to absorb the pain when shot. It is an expensive sport when you invest in your gear, such as a gun, mask, hauler, paintballs, jersey, pants, and custom parts plus maintenance for your marker. 

The most cost-effective way to get started in paintball is to use the field rental gear which is usually sold in a package that includes park admission, gun, mask, vest, ammo pouch, air tank fills, and a bag of 500 paintballs

Paintball USA offers two higher end rental markers that you can pay a bit more to get either upgrade, Cronus Tactical or the Tippmann Alpha Black. Enjoy your paintball day in a leisurely setting where you can play, relax in between games, and bring in lunch. There is no time limit at Paintball USA. 

Additional paintballs are available for purchase after you finish the bag of 500. With shaded picnic tables, you are welcome to bring in food, a BBQ grill, ice chests, or place a pizza order with the local restaurant. Teams practice for tournaments in separate games away from the beginners. 

Paintball Game Spectating

It’s no surprise that paintball isn’t in main stream media. Unlike most sports where spectators can focus on one play at a time, trying to set your attention on many players shooting small paintballs that are barely visible from the stands, they might as well be blind firing. 

There’s no way a camera man could do any close shots on the playing field without he and his expensive equipment getting plummeted with paintballs, hence, an overhead shot of the players on the field just doesn’t capture the plays or the excitement of an audience.

Lack of Pro Shops for League Sign Up

Prior to the year 2000, there were many paintball stores and pro shops around that would offer flyers to let people know where the nearest game park was in the area. Kids would go to these shops to hang out and meet up with others interested in the sport.

Groups would play recreational paintball on the weekend, get to know one another, and form leagues. Due to the recession and the high cost of gear and paintballs, the sport has declined, pro shops and fields have closed. 

Paintball USA has been in business at various outdoor locations for over twenty-five years. Our referees conduct games for beginner players that are separate from the advanced paintballers with their custom guns. We do our best to keep the sport of paintball alive and thriving. paintball near me