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How to Prepare for a Family Outing Day of Paintball

As with any family day outing whether it be to the beach, park, hiking or any other outdoor activity, you must be prepared if you want your family to have a great time. Do your homework on what to bring so everyone in your group will be comfortable and enjoy the day.

Figure out which paintball park is best. Start by doing an online search for paintball parks near me.  Check reviews for at least three paintball parks in your area. Go on Yelp, Google, and Face Book to read reviews for those paintball parks.

The park with the best and most customer reviews is the one you need to pick for your family’s day of paintball fun. Give the park a call to find out their hours of operation. If you get a helpful customer representative, that is the place you want to take your family.

Things to Inquire About

Gather as much information about the paintball park as you can so you know what to bring. Find out if the park has.

  • Picnic facilities
  • Restrooms
  • Food and beverages available or can you bring your own
  • Restaurants near the park to order food from
  • Will your family play private games or with the public?
  • What type of air guns they rent out for children?
  • What safety gear is provided
  • How you should dress for the sport
  • What other activities does the park offer
  • Are their referees that guide players through the games

Your Guest List

You may want to invite some extended family members and friends. The more the merrier!  Be sure and give your guests all the information that you have about the paintball park. You want to ensure they are prepared for the day as well.

Plan a Picnic

If the paintball park you choose allows you to bring in food to the paintball park of your choice, plan on doing a potluck with members or your family. Maybe a portable barbeque grill would be nice and an ice chest full of waters and nonalcoholic beverages would be great to keep everyone hydrated during paintball games that are an excellent physical outdoor activity.

It would be a good time to find out if any family members are having an upcoming birthday so you can make it a celebration at a park that specializes in paintball birthday parties. Bring a cake or cup cakes in a cooler to add into your picnic menu.

Dress Correctly

Dress for paintball games properly by covering up as much exposed skin area as possible so even your youngest family members will have a positive first-time experience and alleviate any pain caused by a paintball hitting bare skin.

Layer up.  In cooler weather, sweatpants, hoodies, neck scarves or bandannas, fingerless cloth gloves, hats, long sleeves, and pants are the way to go. Even when hit by a paintball, thick layers will lessen the sting.

In warmer weather, you are encouraged to dress in layers.  Light cotton fabrics are recommended as opposed to thick sweats. To stay cool, wet down your neck scarf or bandanna in between games.

Finally, do not forget to bring along sunscreen in spring and summer months. Paintball is a total outdoor activity and we all know how damaging the rays from the sun can be on our skin.

Paintball USA

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If you want useful and complete information about paintball games, call Paintball USA. Our phone staff is very courteous and knowledgeable of the sport. At Paintball USA, we aim to please our customers and want them to have the best paintball experience that we can possibly provide.