Paintball Game Variations

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Paintball Game Variations

At Paintball USA, the most popular game played is capture the flag.  There are so many paintball birthday parties and beginner players that visit Paintball USA, capture the flag is the most basic game with the easiest instructions to follow.

There is a safety video that every participant must view in the registration area. After picking up your rental gear, loading your hopper and canisters with paintballs, a referee will take you to the target range and show each player how to use the paintball gun.

Next, the head referee will give all players verbal orientation on game and safety rules.  One of the major safety rule violations is removing your paintball mask while on the field.

Games are played separately for those using .68 caliber rental guns, .50 caliber gun and finally, self-equipped players with their personal custom paintball guns that do not play in the same arena at the same time with renters.

The referee will divide players into two teams. There can be as many as 20 players per team on a field. At Paintball USA, those numbers can vary between 10 – 15 players per team in a game at one time.

For large team building events that are often held during the week, there is a need for more game variety.

Here are some paintball game variations.

  • Elimination. 
  • Capture the flag base and center stations.
  • Attack and defend.
  • King of the hill.
  • Bomb squad.
  • Fox and hound.
  • Resurrection, reincarnation.
  • Zombies.

The game of elimination is straight forward. The two teams shoot one another’s opponents until the team with the most players left standing wins.

There are two types of capture the flag games. One scenario is, each opposing team goes after the other’s flag, capturing the flag and bringing it back to your station.

The other is, placing the flag in the center of the field. Both teams race to capture the flag and claim victory.

Attack and defend games do not need equal numbers of players on a team. The defenders stay on one side of the arena shielded by large bunkers while the attackers start on the opposite side, surging forward to overtake the other team. This game has a time limit.

King of the hill paintball games are mainly for tournaments. Teams play against one another. The team that wins against all other teams is “King of the Hill”.

In bomb squad, one team hides smoke bombs everywhere on the field. The opposing team attempts to locate the bombs.  The defenders try their best to keep the bombs hidden until time runs out.

Fox and hound games are like “tag you’re it”. A player becomes the fox, dodging behind bunkers trying not to get hit with a paintball while all the other players/hounds, are shooting at him. When hit, the player that shot him becomes the fox. Game ends when a fox makes it safely from the starting point to the other side of the playing field.

Resurrection or reincarnation as we call it at Paintball USA, is simply an event that happens in beginner games. When a player is hit with a paintball early in the game, the referee will allow him to continue playing until hit again. This gives the beginner player an advantage to stay in the game making his first paintball experience more positive.

The month of October, we get into the “Halloween mode” with Zombie games. One day in October we choose to invite players to dress up as Zombies. The team of Zombies will engage in combat with humans. Once all Zombies are eliminated, the humans win or vice versa.