Paintball in the Rain

Paintball Games in the Rain

Paintball play in the rain is so awesome! The key to safe paintball play any time is layering up in loose fitting, comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting dirty. Keep in mind, the paintballs are water based, nontoxic and they won't stain your clothes, it's the dirt from the arenas that will get your clean outfit all dirty. If you were thinking of going out to a nice restaurant after you have played paintball, don't forget to bring a change of clean clothes.

The rain keeps you from sweating like crazy. If you sweat underneath your layers, simply start peeling off the jacket, etc. The moistness of the raindrops is like your own personal mister fan, so refreshing! If you totally want to keep your clothing dry during a down pour, wear a waterproof poncho. It will cover you and is loose fitting.

Some people are hesitant about playing on muddy maps. Hiking boots or sports cleats can keep you from slipping. Kids have so much fun stomping around in the mud anyway. When you need a dry break from playing in the rain, come back to our shaded picnic tables and have a snack or chomp on some lunch that you have brought in.

Yes! Paintball USA is open on rainy weekends - 540 W. Carson Mesa Rd., Acton. CA 93550 (661) 255-5332 [email protected]