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Outdoor Paintball, a Low Risk Activity Within a Covid Environment

Controversy varies from county health departments across the U.S. as to what level of risk paintball play is in relation to contracting the novel coronavirus. In fact, paintball is not listed on many risk charts from other states.

Some say that paintball is a team sport that brings people in close contact to one another.  If you have ever played paintball, you know that it is a sport conducted outdoors where players keep their distance dodging and hiding behind field bunkers in order not to get hit with a paintball.

Paintball Parks have safety rules that all players follow, such as the ten-foot rule where you can not be closer than ten feet when you shoot a player.

Before planning an outing or a paintball birthday party, be sure to call and make sure your park of choice is in full operation.

Outdoor paintball parks are set up on large acres of land away from residential and commercial buildings. All players must wear a paintball battle mask that offers more protection than a cloth or flimsy paper mask worn per coronavirus regulations.

Here is a list of low to high risk daily activities posted by the Texas Medical Association Covid 19 Task Force and Committee of Infectious Diseases.

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Low Risk: 1
Opening the mail.

Low Risk: 2
Getting restaurant takeout
Pumping gasoline
Playing tennis
Going camping

Low-Moderate Risk: 3
Grocery shopping
Going for a walk, run, or bike ride with others
Playing golf

Low-Moderate Risk: 4
Staying at a hotel for two nights
Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room
Going to a library or museum
Eating in a restaurant (outside)
Walking in a busy downtown
Spending an hour at a playground

Moderate Risk: 5
Having dinner at someone else’s house
Attending a backyard barbecue
Going to a beach
Shopping at a mall

Moderate Risk: 6
Sending kids to school, camp, or day care
Working a week in an office building
Swimming in a public pool
Visiting an elderly relative or friend in their home

Moderate-High Risk: 7
Going to a hair salon or barbershop
Eating in a restaurant (inside)
Attending a wedding or funeral
Traveling by plane
Playing basketball
Playing football
Hugging or shaking hands when greeting a friend

High Risk: 8
Eating at a buffet
Working out at a gym
Going to an amusement park
Going to a movie theater

High Risk: 9
Attending a large music concert
Going to a sports stadium
Attending a religious service with 500-plus

Outdoor Paintball Parks in Southern California are few.  L.A. County Officials are unaware of the low risk the sport of paintball holds.  Paintball Parks near me, a google search, will direct you to the closest facility in your neighborhood.

  • All rental equipment is scrubbed with antibacterial soap & sprayed with Lysol.
  • Rental equipment is used once per day per player.
  • Surfaces, fill hoses and handles are sprayed with Lysol disinfectant.
  • Players and observers are screened for covid symptoms prior to park entry.
  • Customers are encouraged to leave small children and non-players at home.
  • Picnic tables have been placed further apart.
  • Waivers are required to be filled out by all players and observers.

Paintball USA along with other outdoor paintball parks do their best in keeping players safe.