Paintball Markers Using Rubber Balls

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Can paintball guns shoot rubber balls? 

Rubber balls can be used in paintball guns. You can buy rubber balls at paintball pro shops and online. You will need to purchase an adapter that fits on the loader so they can be used in your paintball marker.

Rubber balls are made of a soft plastic that come in different types and weights. The ones lighter in weight travel faster when fired, but will not have much impact when shooting at something.

The heavier weight balls travel slower but will have a stronger impact when hitting their target. In general, rubber balls have a lower impact than a paintball. They are made for indoor, close-range games.

Although goggles are not necessary when using rubber balls, it is recommended. If games are played outdoors at home, they are soft enough not to break windows. Never play paintball games using regular paintballs inside except at a permitted indoor paintball park. The hopper on your gun can hold from 100-200 rubber balls.

These are the kinds of adapters to enable your paintball marker to shoot rubber balls.

  • Standard.
  • Autococker.
  • Custom.

When choosing rubber balls, check with the manufacturer of your marker on the barrel size. Most guns take .68 caliber paintballs. The T4EM&P shoots the .68 caliber size rubber balls. The T4E HK416 Umarex Walther is a pistol that shoots the .43 caliber balls. These guns are powered by CO2 cartridges. The hopper on your gun can hold from 100 – 200 rubber balls.

Using rubber balls are much cleaner because they aren’t filled with paint. They are usually shot in mass quantities at an indoor field.  Paintballs are not allowed to be shot in multiple quantities due to possibilities of injury.

If hit in the face or head close range with a rubber ball, it could cause injury. If a rubber ball hits a bone, it could cause a fracture. Bean bags shot out of a gun can many more injuries such as contusions and abrasions.

Currently, there are no laws claiming rubber projectiles as being lethal or a threat to life. The rubber ball itself is made of a stretchy, latex plastic called Z balls sold by a California company, Gen X Global. They are reusable and you just wash them off when dirty.

Paintball birthday parties and what we offer.

  • Standard .68 caliber rental paintball markers.
  • Paintball soft .50 caliber rental markers.
  • Splatmaster pump action rifles.
  • Gelly ball pistols and rifles.

Paintball USA offers families several economical rental packages. Paintball birthday parties are popular for ages six years old through adult. Most adult parties prefer using the standard .68 caliber Tippman rental guns that shoot paintballs the size of a small marble.

Paintball soft .50 caliber rental markers are lighter in weight and smaller than the standard Tippmann .68 caliber gun. They shoot the .50 caliber smaller paintballs that are about half the size of the .68 caliber balls.

Beginners, first time players and many paintball birthday parties use the paintball soft guns. Referees keep games separated from players using .68 rental markers from the paintball soft rentals.

Splatmaster games using a pump action spring rifle are great for smaller children. The splatmaster rifles use the .50 caliber paintballs and do not have an air tank on the gun which makes for less speed, velocity and impact of the ball when projected.

Finally, gelly ball pistols and rifles are rapid fire toy like guns that propel water filled, colorful orbeez. The orbeez disintegrate on contact and there is less than a slight sting when hit.

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