Paintball Park Jobs


Paintball Park Jobs

The staff needed to operate a paintball park are assigned jobs such as referee, air system attendant, equipment and rental wear distributor, cashier and manager. There are specified job descriptions for each position. Everyone works as a team to assist in set up, park maintenance and end of day clean up.

This blog will talk about the duties of a referee for paintball games. Referees will start the day by walking the playing fields checking for trash, debris and any safety hazards. Set out chronograph stations for measuring the velocity of the gun speed. Make sure there are signs in front of the field entrance for no shooting, googles on and no spectators beyond this point.

Paintball Referee Position.

Paintball referee staff members conduct safety briefings by giving all players a verbal orientation. Safety orientation can be found on Paintball USA’s website.

The referee will explain strategy and tactics on how to play the games while demonstrating great customer interaction skills. Referees need to be equipped with a paintball mask, two-way radio for communication, and a whistle. He will divide up the players into two equal teams, start the games, perform paint checks when a player is hit, decides the outcome of any issues that may arise and ends the game when appropriate.

All players and referees must wear a mask while on the playing field. The two-way radio provides communication between the referee, head referee and park manager. The whistle is blown at the start and end of the games.

Duties of the referee on the field.

  • Enforces the safety rules on the field while a game is in progress.
  • Explains how to play the game, strategy and tactics.
  • Checks players for paint splats when they are hit.
  • Restarts the game after paint check has been performed.
  • Takes disciplinary action against players that violate safety rules.
  • Calls for back up if a player becomes confrontational.
  • Calls a player out if they cheat.

Duties of the referee after the game has ended.

  • Check all players for barrel covers while exiting the playing field.
  • Make sure everyone is wearing a mask until safety exiting the field.
  • Spectators are not allowed on the field without wearing a paintball mask.
  • Chronograph each self-equipped player’s gun before every match.
  • Discipline any player that shoots their gun outside of the field.

Rules enforced during a game.

  • Ten-foot rule. A player may not shoot another player closer than 10 feet.
  • A player may not shoot another player more than twice.
  • If hit with a paintball, a player will call paint check and may not wipe it off.

Games are to be played within 10 minutes apart. Once a game ends, the referee will clear the field by having all players walk off, stand outside of the field netting and call out the next match. At Paintball USA, we aim to alleviate long waiting periods between games.

The referee will assist the air fill staff in between games. When a player’s rental gun tank runs out of air, the staff will refill the container. If a player’s rental gun isn’t shooting properly, the referee will change it out for a different rental marker.

Keep the self-equipped players in games together and not with rentals. Take control of the fields. Do not let a bunch of advanced players have a match with renters. This is unfair and intimidating for beginner players.

Walk the fields.

  • Look for fallen trees, branches, wood pieces and large rocks that players may stumble over.  Ask the field manager for assistance in removal of these hazards.
  • Check bunkers for exposed nails where players could get hurt.
  • Check for holes in the netting.
  • Bring a large garbage bag to pick up trash.
  • Rake up paintballs to prevent players from slipping on the residue.

Paintball USA is a safety certified outdoor family entertainment center that offers paintballing fun for all ages.