Paintball Park Jobs Part 2

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Paintball Park Positions Part 2

Air fill station attendant

Safety glasses are required for staff working at the air fill station. All tanks must be inspected for dents and expiration dates prior to filling.  Carbon fiber, high pressure tanks expire in three years. Never fill a tank that is out of date.

Paintball USA does not fill CO2 tanks. These tanks have been known to become faulty and cause injuries. High pressure tanks that use compressed air are more substantial. Always inspect the tank for cuts, scratches, and cracks in the resin. If you find dents or other imperfections, hand the tank back to the player. Do not fill.

Remove a tank from the gun before filling. Remove the cover and nipple. Do not overfill the tank. Use the pressure gauge on the air fill station to prevent overfilling. Do not replace burst discs on a customer’s personal gun. Never work on an inoperable air tank or one that is leaking.  It is the customer’s responsibility to have their tank hydro tested and repaired.

Air tanks are to be placed on rental guns and filled before customers arrive.

Paintball general field staff

All staff assists in set up, field prep, keeping the park grounds fee of trash, debris and clean up at the end of the day.

Before customers arrive, walk the fields checking for trip issues such as rocks, branches, faulty bunkers and other debris that could cause player injury. Check the bunkers for exposed nails and wire. Report this to maintenance for repair.

Check the netting for holes and tears. Make sure safety signs are visible and in place. Paintball USA posts signs in and around the fields for masks on, no shooting, no trespassing, do not enter beyond this point, etc.

Place the chronograph machine in the target range.  If the device is inoperable, replace the batteries. All rental and personal paintball guns are to be chrono graphed before entering the fields.  The velocity on rental guns will stay at 260 feet per second. Players using their own guns, 280 fps.

Make sure there are targets in the target range.  Pick up trash on the fields, staging area, in the target range, picnic areas and parking areas. Make sure trash receptacles are visible and have been placed all around the park.

Set up goggle washing stations near the air fill station. Mask washing stations will have a spray bottle of defog solution and soft microfiber cloths. Have Allen wrenches and barrel squeegees on the gun counter available for customer usage.

It is every employee’s responsibility to keep alert and watch for safety issues at the park, in the staging area, parking lots, picnic facilities and on the playing fields.  Call out any customer to abide by these rules.

  • Masks on when entering the playing fields.
  • Barrel sleeves on guns at all times while on Paintball USA premises.
  • Everyone must have a wristband including spectators.
  • No firing anywhere except in the target range and on the playing fields.
  • No throwing paintballs at anyone or any structure except inside the fields.
  • No alcohol allowed on premises.
  • Fighting is not allowed anywhere at Paintball USA.

End of day clean up

Clean up begins at least two hours before park closure. The chest protectors and ammo pouches must be washed and hung out to dry on clotheslines. Canisters must be washed and turned upside down to dry.

Masks are washed in antibacterial soap, rinsed, left to dry and sprayed with disinfectant. Guns are washed with antibacterial soap, rinsed, and put on rack to dry. Lube guns once a month.

Working at a paintball park can be a fun, part time job. The customers come here to celebrate paintball birthday parties, family outings and friends getting together. Working outdoors can sometimes be challenging depending on weather conditions. If you enjoy fresh air, a friendly atmosphere and happy people, working at Paintball USA is the job for you!