Paintball Safety Tips

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A Reminder of Paintball Safety Tips

Here is a refresher on safety tips when playing paintball. Paintball USA’s referees give all players a verbal orientation explaining safety rules before the games. We also have a safety rule video that all players are required to watch during registration.

These are tips that everyone needs to know to have a safe and positive paintball experience.

  • Paintball masks with lenses specially made to endure a hit from a paintball without causing damage to the goggle.
  • Safety masks should not have any cracks in the lens.
  • There are mask lens cleaning stations throughout the park with a goggle defogger spray and soft cloth to wipe the surface for clear visibility.
  • Mask or goggles on signs are posted near the target range and entrance of the playing fields. You must always wear a mask when entering either of these areas.
  • If a player ever removes their mask on the playing field, they are automatically out for that game.
  • All rental markers are equipped with barrel sleeves. Anyone using their own paintball gun is required to have a barrel sleeve for their personal gun.
  • Barrel sleeves are required on all markers when not on the playing field.
  • No shooting signs are posted throughout the park. Shooting your marker is only allowed on the playing field and in the target range.
  • Rental markers are chronographed by the referee at 260 fps. Custom or personal markers can be chronographed up to 280 fps.
  • All customer or personal markers must have an adjuster dial to prevent a player from increasing the velocity past field limits.
  • Players may only use tanks that take compressed air. No CO2 tanks are allowed or can be filled due to danger precautions.
  • Air tanks may not be filled if they are out of hydro date and/or have damaged outer cores or dents.
  • Blind fire is when a player shoots up in the air. The paintballs can land outside of the netted area and inure a spectator. No blind firing is allowed.

Attitude and Respect

Paintball is a team sport, not a free for all. If you are hit with a paintball during a game, you are out. Leave the field and wait for the next game.

Do not have a tizzy fit and get angry at the player who shot you. Paintball is a game, a sport to be enjoyed and not taken personally. If your attitude turns into anger when shot with a paintball, you shouldn’t play this sport.

Respect the referees. They have been trained to run the games and what they say, goes. Referees make the rules. Players follow the rules. Players may not shoot the referees. Shooting a referee can get you thrown out of the park for good.

If you own your personal marker, plan to play with other self-equipped players. You will not play with others using rental guns. Owning your marker means you are an experienced player. Players that use rental guns are usually beginners.

When you have been hit with a paintball, it will make a splat. That means you are out. Do not wipe off the splat and try to stay in the game. When a referee calls you out if you forget to call yourself out, leave the field. Don’t argue with the ref about the rules.

All players are required to observe the 10-foot rule which means you are not allowed to shoot a player multiple times and no closer than 10 feet distance. Shooting a player multiple times or closer than 10 feet can cause injury and welts, whether he is dressed correctly or not.

No fighting of any kind is allowed on the playing field or at Paintball USA. No profanity is allowed. Curb your temper if you get upset from getting hit with a paintball or disagree with a referee’s decision.

If you have any questions or safety related concerns, simply give us a call Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (661) 255-5332. Our phone lines are open, and we will be glad to help you plan your next paintball birthday party here at Paintball USA. Search paintball parks near me to make sure that we are in your area.