Paintball Strategy and Tactics

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Paintball Strategy and Tactics

Paintball USA

Paintball has gained popularity over the years, especially this past year when people have wanted to get out in the fresh air after the 2020, rigid order to stay at home.

Paintball can be played as a team sport, small groups, or solo player. Regardless of how many people you play with, you will need to know correct paintball strategy and tactics to win any game.

If you are a newbie to paintball, you just need to learn the basic rules of the game from the referees at Paintball USA which are described through orientation. This will help you enjoy the game more and keep you from getting out within the first five minutes.

Capture The Flag

At Paintball USA, the most popular game played is capture the flag. The objective of the game is for one team to capture the opposing team’s flag. They must take the flag back to their base to win the game.

The goal is to capture the flag without getting shot. In beginner’s games, there is a rule called reincarnation where, if you get shot within the first five minutes of the game, you can still stay in.

A splat of paint from a paintball anywhere on your person or gear is reason for the ref to call you out.  When you are out, you simply hold up your gun, walk toward the exit on field and shout, “I’m out”. Other players are not allowed to shoot you after you are hit and exiting the playing field.

Rules of Fair Play and Safety

  • Listen carefully to the referee when giving a verbal orientation about the dos and don’ts on the playing field.
  • Watch the video on safety rules located in the registration area.
  • Read the helpful hints on what to wear on our website. Pass this along to everyone in your group prior to game day.
  • No profanity is allowed on the field during a game.
  • Always wear your paintball safety mask on the playing field and in the target range. Never remove your mask during a game.
  • Never shoot at a referee.


  • Always obey the referee’s commands and do not argue with them. 
  • If you remove your mask during a game, you will be asked to leave the field ASAP.
  • If you physically assault another player, you will be escorted out of the park.
  • Be sure to load up on more paintballs and/or air tank fills in between games.
  • Do not put paintballs from the ground into your gun. It will cause it to jam when fired.

Beginners vs. Advanced Players

At Paintball USA there are separate games for advanced players that use their own custom guns and for beginner players that use our rentals. Advanced players have their guns adjusted to 280 fps velocity. Players using rental guns are set at 260 fps.

Naturally, the paintball at the higher velocity will hurt more if you are hit. Some custom paintball guns are fully automatic. Rental guns are semi-automatic.

Referees make sure that the advanced players do not mix in with the beginners. It is an unfair advantage for the self-equipped players to take advantage of beginners by overpowering them with their skill and tactics.

Beginners need time to learn strategies on how to play and if they get shot right away, this will cause discouragement for the sport. We want all players to have the best paintball experience while visiting Paintball USA.

If you get hit with a paintball, you are not allowed to wipe off the splat and keep playing. Be fair and admit that you are out. You must be honest and acknowledge the hit or other players will think it is okay to cheat. Once the referee loses control of the game, fist fights may occur.

If you are usure that you have been hit or the splat is small, call a referee over to do a paint check. The ref will inspect you. Sometimes you may get hit in the back or somewhere on your person that you can not see. Remember to always be fair.

All paintball guns must always have a barrel sleeve on except while playing. You never know if a paintball is lodged inside the barrel. Walking around with a gun without a barrel sleeve is an accident waiting to happen.

The barrel sleeve rule is strictly in force at Paintball USA. Contact us for more information.

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