Paintball Tournaments 2024

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NXL Paintball Tournaments 2024

The National X-Ball League is an internationally known paintball tournament association with events taking place in North America and Europe.  There is a women’s division known as the WNXL.

Tournaments include several divisions such as amateur, intermediate, and novice players. Competitions can be classified into youth, men, women, and co-ed. Semi-auto, fully auto, and pump markers are used in tournaments depending on the division.

Local NXL events this year will be The Lone Star Major in Garland Texas, April 26th – 28th This event features competitions such as X-Ball 5 on 5, Pump 3 on 3, 5 on 5, 7 on 7, and 10 on 10 players. 

Player divisions are youth, women’s, amateurs, pro, intermediate, and novice. Lots of fun and action to see. Vendors from the paintball industry set up outdoor booths to demonstrate their products such as top of the line guns and gear used in tournaments.

The Mid Atlantic Major in Atlantic City, New Jersey takes place June 21st – 23rd A favorite is The Windy City Major, Chicago Illinois September 13th – 15th

Finally, The World Cup Major in Kissimmee Florida held on November 6th – 10th. The World Cup is the end of season finale where the top two paintball teams battle it out and win monetary prizes.

The National X-Ball League of Latin America will be holding Championships in Atibaia, Brazil August 16th. – 18th., 2024 for the best paintball teams to play in the NXL World Cup Pro Division.

The Portugal Invitational in Lisbon Portugal takes place, May 17-19,2024. Professional men and women’s paintball teams plus semi-pro x-ball divisions will participate. Teams from all over Europe that will be participating in this event.

Other NXL events in Europe this year are the UK Invitational, Birmingham UK July 5th -7th, 2024 and the European Championships, Dreux, France August 29th – September 1st.

The next time you go to your favorite paintball park nearby, to play some recreational games, know that to get better at this sport, will offer you some great opportunities. Even though paintball isn’t as well known as football and baseball, there are some awesome events held each year in the U.S. and Europe.

At Paintball USA, we offer Tippmann semi-automatic standard rentals and paintball soft. It’s best to use a park’s rental marker for at least one year to see if paintball is an exciting sport for you. If you find it is a sport that brings you satisfaction and gets your adrenaline pumping, start your online research for a decent beginner gun. 

Getting to know other players at a paintball park will encourage you to meet up every weekend and have the same guys to practice with and get better. As with any sports gear, eventually you will decide to upgrade to a better gun, especially if you intend to start the tournament scene.