Proper Body Postitioning and Stance for Improved Aim in Paintball Games


Proper Body Positioning and Stance for Improved Aim

Paintball requires good aim, strategical and tactical movement on the playing field, team communication, and physical ability.

As with all firearms, the most accurate way to aim is knowing where to align your eyes with your marker’s built in iron sight, however, most paintball guns have a feed neck and loader for paintballs that sit on the top and gets in the way of a clear view.

You will need to learn to use the body and barrel as a guide for accurate aim while having a firm grip on your gun. Tilt the hopper slightly to the side using your best eye looking outwardly down the center of the barrel. Use your pointer finger toward your target and pull the trigger with your middle finger.

This method is fine for practicing target accuracy, but in a live game, keep both eyes open so you can see all of your opponents. Paintball games are fast paced played on various terrains and large fields. Targeting your aim is great, combined with distance, helps you eliminate more opponents.

Ways to Hold Your Marker.

  • Tank pressed into your shoulder.
  • Tank resting on top of your shoulder.
  • Shooting from the hip.
  • Holding the gun and shooting from in front of you.

Holding your paintball gun pressed into your shoulder like you would with a real firearm is best, but you can also rest the tank on top of your shoulder if needed. This method is applicable if you are shooting from behind a bunker, using a longer air tank, while aiming trying to clear a bunker.

Beginners sometimes hold their markers on their hip trying to shoot, which greatly reduces accuracy. They end up wasting a lot of paintballs and hitting nothing because they aren’t using their eye and body to aim down the barrel of the gun.

Shooting from the hip without proper aim creates blind firing at spectators outside of the arenas, in the picnic areas, and possibly vehicles in the parking lot which can cause injuries and damages. 

Players will shoot holding their marker in front of them like a hand gun. This is a common method for beginners that can waste paintballs, lose balance of the heavy gun with no support for the tank, an imbalance of aim, and results in missing your target. 

Holding a gun sideways is a bad practice that results in spilling your paintballs out of the hopper instead of guiding them into the barrel of the gun to have constant shooting ability. 


The best stance while shooting is to have a balanced, solid, both feet facing your opponents as they come at you. You should be in a slightly half squat position enabling your upper body to pivot forward or backward from behind a bunker while maintaining accurate aim with good alignment. 

In summary, best practices to improve your aim.

  • Eye alignment to your gun barrel.
  • Trigger finger positioning.
  • Holding your marker properly.
  • Correct stance.

Stand firmly, feet facing forward in a half squat stance if behind a bunker. Keep your head straight using your eyes to look down the marker’s barrel for aim. Keep your pointer finger toward your target using your middle finger to shoot. Hold your marker with the tank against your shoulder for stability and better aim.