Speedball Leagues and Tournaments

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Speedball Leagues and Tournaments

Paintball parks offer recreational style games on fields with all sorts of bunkers to hide behind to better enable the player to dodge paintballs. The most popular game played in recreational paintball is capture the flag.

Families of all ages and skill levels enjoy an exciting day of paintball fun at Paintball USA. They can bring in a picnic to relax in between games under shaded picnic facilities. https://www.paintballusa.org/

Advanced players enjoy practicing for tournaments on speed ball fields. Tournaments are classified as scenario, woods ball and speedball.

Scenario Games.

These are all day events with hundreds of players from all over the country coming together to re-enact a war scene, video game, or an historical event. The “theme” of the scenario tournament is based on whatever war scene, video game or historical re-enactment you are mimicking.

All of the players for the scenario event are split up into two gigantic teams and play on one huge field. The event lasts the entire day. The hosting park will often invite food and paintball supply vendors to set up sales booths.


Air ball blow up bunkers of bright colors are used to create a field for speedball tournaments. As many as 60+ blow up bunkers are strategically placed on a huge grassy or astroturf covered field in shapes as seen on the Call of Duty video game.

Generally, tournaments will consist of 3–10-man teams. The games are played very fast. Hence the name, speedball. Speedball leagues are tournament teams that prefer this style of paintball games over scenario or woods ball.

Most paintball parks will have a speedball field for tournament and league players to practice on. https://www.paintballusa.org/about/rules-of-play-for-valued-patrons

Woods ball.

Natural terrain where paintball games are allowed provides trees to hide behind while trying to shoot at the opposing team. Woods ball tournaments are played at a slower pace and a great way to enjoy the sport. Paintball played in a wooded forest of trees is peaceful while enjoying a natural war game setting.

Tournament Teams and Speed Leagues enjoy benefits if their team wins.

  • Team sponsorships for free paintballs and jerseys.
  • Invitations to tournaments and nationwide events.
  • Media coverage.
  • Television endorsements.

Tournament Team Qualifications.

  • Practice paintball frequently.
  • Develop good strategy and tactics.
  • Communicate with your team members while on the field.
  • Become a good marksman.
  • Invest in a high-end tournament marker.
  • Have all of your paintball gear.

You will use far more paintballs in a speedball game because the field is smaller and open due to the blow-up bunkers. The game is fast paced with fewer opponents. Electronic semi-auto and fully automatic markers work best for speedball games. https://www.paintballusa.org/gallery/paintball-usa-fields

With scenario and especially woods ball games, you can better pick your target and have more time to do so. If you decide to play pump markers solely, you will conserve more paintballs, although, pump guns are not used in speed ball tournaments for obvious reasons. While you are pumping your gun to shoot one paintball, the speed ball opponent will shoot 20 paintballs at you using his electronic fully automatic marker.