Strategies and Tactics in Paintball vs. Laser Tag


Strategies and Tactics in Paintball vs. Laser Tag

The referees at Paintball USA give a verbal safety orientation which includes strategies and tactics before every game. The more aggressively a player moves up on the playing field, the more likely your team will capture the flag and eliminate the opposing players while doing so. 

Beginner players are encouraged to stay behind the bunkers in defensive positions until they are comfortable enough to rush out in the offensive while possibly getting sprayed with paintballs. No matter what position you play, do it “ninja” style. Run fast without being seen while shooting so your opponents will keep themselves hidden behind bunkers to avoid getting shot, which means, it is less likely they will see you coming.

Spread out your team from each end of the field marked by boundary tape and shoot your opponent diagonally so it will be hard to judge where the shots are coming from, hence, making it less likely you will be hit. If your want to make a direct hit, your target must be directly in front of you. All it takes is a splat of paint on a player to call them out.

Have your defensive players act as snipers picking off their opponents while camouflaged by heavy brush cover. Avoid blind fire. Do not stick your gun out from behind a bunker and start shooting. You need to aim at your target, otherwise, you will waste your paintballs and hit nothing.

Paintball is a team sport. Be sure and communicate your moves amongst your team mates. What you may not see coming at you, one of your team mates can surely notice and will give you the heads up.

Do not pick up paintballs from the ground and put them in your marker. This is a sure way to have them jam in your barrel during a game which will make the gun of no use to you. You will end up getting shot, putting yourself out of the game while standing there trying to get your gun to work.

Dress comfortably in sweats to provide freedom of movement and lessen the pain when getting hit. Good hiking boots, sports cleats, or athletic shoes with traction will keep you from slipping on the field while rushing to capture the flag. 

A well manufactured safety goggle with a clear lens will give you the seeing ability needed, to pick off your target. Carry a soft cloth and antifog spray with you to keep your lens clean and clear for all games. 

Players of all exercise levels can engage in paintball games. The recommended youngest age for paintball is ten years old, however, there is low impact paintball for ages eight and up. Splatmaster using a pump rifle is recommended for ages six and seven years old. Finally, gelly ball is great for five- and six-year-olds.

Laser Tag Tactics

Not using projectiles in laser tag makes for a safe, slower paced activity. The vests that you wear has special electronic strips that light up when shot with a harmless laser beam. Anyone can play this sport regardless of physical shape or age, assuming a child is old enough to understand safety instructions and keep up with his or her team mates.

Laser tag arenas are indoor areas set up with cubicles lit with black lights giving a glow in the dark effect. As cool as it seems to wear light colors that will make you glow under the black lights, it is best to wear dark colors so your opponent cannot see you, which means you will not be tagged.

No running in the arena, but still a good idea to wear comfortable athletic shoes so you do not trip or stumble in the dimly lit area. Most laser tag arenas are cooled with a lot of air conditioning, so dress accordingly.

Walk or turn sideways to avoid getting tagged while proceeding to the opposing team’s light station. The objective to winning is to eliminate the opposing players in order to shoot your laser at the light located in their station, kind of like capture the flag in paintball.