Stress Relief and Mental Well-Being in Paintball

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Stress Relief and Mental Well-Being in Paintball

Playing paintball recreationally is not only a great way to relieve stress, but has many other beneficial health aspects especially for people that sit in front of a computer every day. There are all kinds of sports, but shooting others in structured paintball games is a perfect stress reliever. 

You will need to be able to take the shots as well as give them. That’s fairly easy if you are dressed correctly by layering up in long sleeves, pants, neck and head bandannas, and proper foot wear.

Even if you have never played paintball before, there are always beginners using standard rental guns at Paintball USA. We also have the lower caliber paintball soft guns with paintballs that are about half the size of the standard .68 caliber balls and you will be playing against others using the same kind of rental.

Being out in the fresh air, running around on fields surrounded by natural terrain, dodging paintballs from your opponents is a good stress reliever. Paintball can be strenuous if you put all of your energy into the game. In general, your adrenaline will be flowing from the excitement and you will forget all about your prior work week.

To find Paintball in Los Angeles, just Google “paintball near me” and call around to find the one with the best prices and nicest phone attendant to answer all your questions. Paintball USA is always pleased to give good phone customer service and explain how it all works.

People sometimes do not recognize signs of stress related health issues. Here are a few.

  • Low energy levels and feeling too tired to participate in a physical activity.

  • Feelings of sadness, anxiousness, or depression.

  • Lethargic, wanting to stay at home and sleep.

  • Overindulgence in eating.

  • No desire to connect socially with people.

  • Wanting to indulge in alcohol and/or drugs. 

Sometimes we need to force ourselves to get out and participate in a sport. Once you commit to making the sport a routine, you are on the road to a healthier life style and will have more energy.

One important thing to remember about paintball is always hydrate. You can bring in ice chests with waters and sports drinks, so there is no chance of dehydration, especially in the warmer weather. Did you know that dehydration has been linked to higher cortisol levels that produce stress?

Drinking plenty of water, staying hydrated whether at work or participating in a sport can calm a stressful body by flushing out impurities such as cortisol. Hydration helps the body heal from physical and emotional stress.

Lastly, don’t forget to stretch your limbs before participating in paintball so as you don’t pull a hamstring or cause some other injury while running around the playing fields. People that sit in an office five days per week are much more likely to become injured in a weekend sport without prior stretching exercises.