The Physical Demands of Paintball Game Play

Los Angeles Paintball

The Physical Demands of Paintball Game Play

Paintball in Los Angeles can be found at outdoor parks located in suburbs outside of big cities. The extreme sport of paintball requires lots of space for multiple arenas with high mesh netting to keep flying paintballs contained while keeping players and spectators safe.

Natural terrain such as trees, bushes, and thick foliage work well as bunkers for players that need to take cover.  Los Angeles Paintball Parks that are more environmentally friendly, choose to build bunkers out of wood, corrugated tubular plastic ones that you can crawl through, and air ball blow up speedball bunkers. 

When you have checked in with the cashier at Paintball USA, get your rental equipment, and get all geared up, it’s time to join other players in a game. Wearing layers of protective clothing, toting your gun, air tank, and paintballs, produce somewhat of excess weight that you will be lugging around with you during games. 

Picture the terrain that you will be running upon with all of that gear, defending yourself and your team from the opposition while taking aim and shooting your marker. If you go paintballing in warm weather with all of the forementioned, you had better be in decent physical shape, otherwise, you may wither in exhaustion.

Paintball fields are normally built on anything except flat surfaces. Be prepared for endurance tasks such as;

  • Running up hills.
  • Moving speedily from bunker to bunker.
  • Dodging paintballs from your opposing team.
  • Sliding on rough ground to hide behind the nearest bunker.

If you work in an office or you are a full-time student, chances are, it’s really difficult to find the time to keep in proper physical condition, especially for paintball. Los Angeles Paintball Parks are open weekends, but not during the weekdays, so it’s not likely you will be able to practice this sport on a daily basis.

In that case, good ways to get in weekday work outs are many.  Going for even short jogs are beneficial for cardio. Invest in some weights while increasing your reps and watch You Tube work out videos.

Strength training for extremities is an excellent way to improve movement and will keep your legs from cramping up once you are in a paintball game. Squats are great for your thighs. Push ups and sit ups strengthen your core. 

If you live inside a condo or apartment complex that has a gym, make a strong effort to utilize the nautilus and cardio equipment before the weekend. 

Whatever your favorite sport may be, the better physical condition you are in, the more you will enjoy and accomplish winning goals in that sport. Some people will be more competitive than others. Some will only want to participate for social and recreational purposes.

No matter which sports goal you want to accomplish, be proactive in building up your endurance. Don’t forget to stretch your hamstrings prior to using them. At any age, cramping can happen if you don’t stretch before you play. 

If you are into natural supplements, there are ones that you can take to help alleviate muscle cramping and that will give you an energy boost in a safe way. 

Hopefully, this information will help you get in shape by increasing your endurance for maximum sports performance.