Triggers, Grips, and Paintball Marker Enhancements

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Triggers, Grips, and Paintball Marker Enhancements

Custom paintball guns can be designed with various enhancements from the barrel, trigger, grip and more. If you are a tournament player, what you do to customize your marker are endless options. 

There are many differently designed triggers that will provide types of fit for your finger when shooting and the look you desire for your gun. Some of these types of triggers are the rake, blade, and double or “deuce”.  Any trigger is fairly easy to install on your gun, however, if you need assistance, there are paintball stores with technicians that can assist.

  • The rake trigger is made of aluminum that makes it lightweight and sturdy. Its suggested use is for the ION electropneumatic marker for high shooting speed. 
  • The blade trigger has added space inside the trigger area for players with larger fingers and/or wearing thick gloves. 
  • The double or deuce trigger operates with a small firing mechanism that adds force when you pull on the main trigger. 

Rake triggers work on roller bearings that makes the firing mechanism smooth, reliable, and pushes the ball through the barrel with incredible speed. 

For better trigger sensitivity and speed, simply replace the trigger return spring with a magnetic return which is a lighter weight spring. 

The RTS or response trigger system increases your trigger speed by using additional co2 gas to reset the trigger when firing. This operation resets the trigger to forward even when your finger hasn’t pulled back from the last shot. It produces a high rate of fire, but uses extra co2 when doing so.

Paintball marker grips and foregrips.

Grips and foregrips are vertical or angled. Grips are installed on the back of your marker. The foregrip is near the front of your marker just under the back of the barrel. 

Foregrips are most likely stock and positioned in the same place on your marker, however, they are easy to adjust on your gun to provide more stability and comfort when firing. Your main objective is to customize your paintball gun to fit you in order to be more accurate when trying to hit your target. 

A vertical foregrip provides a steadying effect while holding your front hand directly in front of your back hand that is holding your grip in the same position.

The angled grip, more ergonomically designed, allows you to hold the grip in the palm of your hand. Either foregrip, vertical or angled, allows you better aim. Some foregrips have the capacity to fold up to the barrel of your marker which is great if you are shooting from a prone position on the ground.

There are some electronic markers that have an air pressure regulator on the foregrip. Paintball USA complies to safety rules of having referees check the velocity on all custom markers to make sure the players are not shooting “hot”. Self-equipped player’s guns are adjusted to 280 fps.

Air Tanks.

Finally, if you are still using a co2 tank, you may want to consider purchasing an HPA high pressure air tank for your gun. Compressed air allows you to shoot faster, more accurately and performs better in colder temperatures.