Why Paintball is Healthy and Fun for Children

Paintball Games Healthy and Fun for Children

Why Paintball is Healthy and Fun for Children

Paintball for children is one of the safest outdoor sports and enhances a child's logical development using game strategies and tactics. Trained referees at Paintball USA give verbal orientation prior to games https://www.paintballusa.org/about/rules-of-play-for-valued-patrons .

Referees explain the safety rules to all players. Paintball USA is well known for being the “Party Place”. With reservations every weekend for paintball birthday parties, our management and staff know how to make every player comfortable with their skill level. https://www.paintballusa.org/ .  We strive to provide every child in having a positive paintball experience.

Paintball Air Guns Designed for Children’s Use

Children’s paintball also goes by the name of Paintball Soft and Splatmaster. The Paintball Soft air gun is a .50 caliber, a smaller and lighter version of the .68 caliber paintball marker. The .50 caliber paintballs are about half the size of a standard .68 caliber paintball which is the size of a marble and with less impact upon breakage.

Paintball Soft and Splatmaster was created as an option for children over six years that saw their older siblings playing paintball and wanted to give the sport a try. Kids are remarkably familiar with paintball versions in video games.

Splatmaster air guns are great for the youngest of first-time players. They work without a compressed air tank, instead, using a pump action spring firing mechanism. The air tank allows the paintball to propel with velocity, so the splatmaster marker has the least impact of any air gun on the market today.

Parents ask if their children can get bruised from playing paintball. The answer is yes, if, the child is not dressed properly by covering all parts of exposed skin and wearing the proper safety battle mask. Paintball USA always advises parents to include our Help Hints on how to dress found on our website and included with our informational emails that we send to prospective customers https://www.paintballusa.org/about .

The Physical Benefits of Paintball for Children

Paintball in general is an outdoor sport. It is a great physical activity and provides interaction with family and friends while leaving the video games at home.

Paintball is a team sport where children can practice social skills in an adventurous atmosphere that test their skills of running, diving behind bunkers and the challenge of winning.

  • Private games allow parents and children to play together
  • Paintball play teaches communication and cooperation
  • Players learn to develop skills of teamwork
  • Children experience the sensations of team accomplishment and goals
  • Great exercise for good health
  • Allows kids to release energy and stress

In Summary

Paintball is an intense sport using endurance, physical ability, and the excitement of shooting paint gels while wearing a battle mask and other safety gear, aiding your team for the common goal of conquering your opponents. All in good fun! 

For the best first experience in paintball, contact Paintball USA through our website https://www.paintballusa.org/contact . Feel free to ask us all the questions you need when planning paintball birthday parties. We love to give parents much needed information to make your paintball party a total success!


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