Paintball USA accepts discount coupons.

We honor all tickets such as Planet Paintball, California Advertising, and Paintball USA. If you let us know what day you are coming and how many people are in your party, by either calling in your reservation to (800) 919-9237 or by emailing us, we will offer ticket holders free ammo pouch and safety vest chest protector rentals if they are not included with your pass.


  • All paintballs must be purchased at Paintball USA
  • All compressed air fills must be purchased at Paintball USA. $25 for unlimited air fills plus 500 paintballs.
  • One coupon per person per day. Cannot be combined with other discount offers
  • No outside paintballs are allowed, or when using any discount coupons and passes.

Discount passes are good for one person per discount per day. Discounts can not be combined. Discount coupons can not be used with discount packages.


We do not give refunds or paintballs or on any unused coupons and vouchers, nor can they be used for "absent or ghost players" for private games.

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